Louisiana Tornado Damage List: Photos & Videos from Ruston & LA Tech

Louisiana Tornado Damage

Credit: Cameron Poole, Louisiana Tech, Anna Garner, Donna Ates GroanĀ  Louisiana Tornado Damage

Two people were killed and classes were canceled at Louisiana Tech after a strong tornado hit Ruston, LA in the middle of the night. Here are photos and videos of the tornado and the damage, and a list in the second section of businesses that were confirmed damaged or businesses reported to be OK.

According to officials, a mother and son in Lincoln Parish died in the tornado. They were killed when a tree fell on their home, Fox 10 reported.

Photos & Videos of the Damage

Louisiana Tech classes were canceled today. The university sustained damage, including trees and power lines being down in different parts of the campus. Lousiana Tech Softball shared photos of the damage to the fields:

RaVaugh Wallace walked through some areas that were hit and shared a video on Facebook.

Pris Berger, whose son is at LA Tech, shared the following on Facebook. “Just got a call from my son tornado touched down at LA Tech. Thank you Jesus for protecting him.He literally had just got out bed after hearing that “train sound” to check on his roommate. This is his bed. It blew in his window while he was in the living room. Praying everyone in the area of Ruston are all ok.”


Some of the damage included campus housing and apartments near 167, WDSU reported.

Crystal Dillard wrote on Facebook that damage was also seen in Farmerville and Downsville.

Cameron Poole shared some photos on Facebook of the damage too. Here are some of those pictures:

Cameron Poole Facebook

Cameron Poole Facebook

Cameron Poole Facebook

Here’s drone footage of the damage.

Anna Garner shared photos on Facebook, including these:

Anna Garner Facebook

Anna Garner Facebook

Anna Garner Facebook

She also shared these videos.

Meteorologist Brian Briggs shared these photos:

Demetria Vincent shared these photos of the devastation:

Ja’Niya Marie shared this video from a student who entered a bedroom where he had been sleeping just a few minutes earlier.

List of Damaged or Destroyed Businesses in Ruston

Many businesses and homes were damaged. Here’s a partial list:

  • LA Tech had significant damage and canceled classes for the day
  • Many homes and apartments suffered extensive damage
  • Hibbett appears destroyed.

Chance K. Rhone

  • Wingstop was extensively damaged or destroyed, according to social media reports.

Keely-Shay Heggar

  • On social media, some were reporting that Chick-Fil-A was OK and only the red trailer was damaged.
  • Catos was damaged, according to social media reports
  • Stage was damaged, according to social media reports
  • Chase was damaged, according to social media reports
  • Lowe’s suffered extensive damage, as you can see in these photos shared by Brittany Styles Young.

Here’s a closeup of one of the photos from Lowe’s:

Brittany Styles Young

  • People are reporting on social media that Walmart is fine
  • Beehive sustained major damage and will be closed until further notice
  • Starbucks sustained major damage. Donna Ates Groan shared this photo:

Donna Ates Groan

  • Uptown Downtown bakery had to close due to power outages.
  • Dorm parking lots looked like an apocalypse, some students said.
  • Many parts of Louisiana Tech were damaged
  • The BCM Center at LA Tech was damaged.
  • LA Tech’s baseball stadium sustained major structural damage and the roof was destroyed.

This building was also destroyed, but hasn’t yet been identified:

Here’s a look at the terrible damage one home experienced. Jamie Hopson Long shared this video. She and her family were temporarily trapped.

Long later shared that they made it out OK with minor injuries.

During the tragedy, many pulled together to help. Dairy Queen, Log Cabin, Newks, Avocados, and The Rev all offered free lunches for first responders, people shared on social media. Champs Sports Bar didn’t have power but did have gas, so they offered free food for any first responders and volunteers.

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