What Is Ontas? Spanish for ‘U Up?’ Becomes a Twitter Challenge



Ontas, a portmanteau of the Spanish language phrase “Donde Estas” aka “Where are you?,” became a Twitter challenge in April 2019 with everybody wondering why.

According to the Out of the Loop Reddit thread on the subject, the phrase Ontas is similar to “Netflix and Chill” or “U Up?” in English. In that, it is commonly used in Mexico as a means to initiate a sexual encounter. In April 2019, the phrase became widespread on Twitter after Spanish speaking users began commenting on celebrity’s posts by just saying “Ontas.”

Reddit user Inadaptado says that the challenge began when one person left the comment under a post from “Rules Don’t Apply” star Lily Collins. This led Collins to reply and ask, “What does “ontas” mean?” Since then, Twitter users have been trying to get the attention of celebrity crushes, or sometimes just random celebrities, in order to ask, “Ontas?”

Among the celebrities who have gotten involved in the Ontas craze is Barcelona soccer star Sergi Roberto:

Actor Drake Bell is also a fan:

While electronic dance music legend Steve Aoki doesn’t seem to get it:

In replying to Aoki, Twitter user @DrLoveMX wrote, “Usually weird horny guys looking for a quick hook up, send a text at 3am saying “Ontas? ” which is short for “Donde Estas” which means “Where are you” then its followed by “ill send you an uber” “te mando un uber” Now its funny and popular Spread the Word.” Spanish sports announcer Jimena Sanchez skipped Ontas and went straight to saying that she would pay for an Uber:

Argentine web site Infobae speculated that the rise of the challenge might have something to do with it being Easter weekend and most Spanish-speaking youth having free time.

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