Police: All Clear on Report of Man With Rifle in Batavia, Il. High School

Police responded to Batavia (Il.) High School for a report from a nearby resident that a man with a rifle entered the school early Monday morning. The school is still being searched by law enforcement two hours after the first report. NBC Chicago said the person was described as “a male dressed in black.” Some noted it was pre-dawn at the time of the report.

The Kane County Sheriff tweeted that it was “clearing the scene” at around 9:30 a.m. Batavia, a Chicago suburb located around 40 miles west of the city, is in Kane County.

“Deputies responded to assist Batavia Police for an incident at Batavia High School. We are clearing the scene now.”

And the City of Batavia reported no gunman was found.

“Thank you to the Batavia Police Department and their response to the report of an unknown person with a rifle entering the building. Fortunately, no gunman was found and there were no reports of injuries.”

But no gunman located didn’t allay the anxieties of some.

“Shoutout to everyone starting your Monday with an anxiety attack induced by reports of a school shooter in the county you live in. ?? #MondayMorning #Batavia”

Here’s what you need to know:

Reports of a Man in Black With a Rifle Entering the Batavia High School Came in Just Before Sunrise

At 6:40 Central time, the first community alert came from the city of Batavia of an unknown male with a rifle inside the school. The second tweet cautioned people to stay away. Police were initially called just after 6 a.m.

“Please stay away from Batavia High School until further notice. Police are responding to a report of an unknown man with a rifle entering the school.”

School was not yet in session but buses were in the process of picking up students and were turned around to return students to their stops.

Students in Buses Heading for the School Were Returned Home

School begins at 7:30 a.m. so there were very few people on campus and no students.

“Please note: If your child is typically transported to Batavia High School, please contact the Geneva 304 Transportation Department for updates at 630-463-3004. Thank you.”

“That is my high school. I would never think this is possible in #Batavia”

The Not Unpredictable Debate About School Shootings & Armed Officers in Schools Began

As the events were unfolding, a number of students reacted to comments about armed guards in schools and city budgets to pay for them. One man said he was running for office.

A student responded.

“I’m gonna be blunt please don’t bring politics into this it’s stupid I don’t care what you think I’m a student at that school would you have used kids being dead to move your campaign forward?”

And parents are on social media saying enough is enough.

“Batavia is 20 miles from my home. I’m sick of putting my two boys on the bus to school and then opening my phone to headlines like this. #AMERICAHASAGUNVIOLENCEPROBLEM when will enough be enough?”

Some are wondering if it’s a false alarm or perhaps even a prank but nonetheless erred on the side of caution.

“…guy walked in the school with a gun. Which is odd because it’s not easy to get into that time or any time of day…”

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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