Police: All Clear on Florida School ‘Code Red’ Lock Down

A ‘code red’ lock-down at a Florida high school was issued as a “suspicious incident” was investigated with SWAT on the scene. A social media post said that there may be a student with a gun and that students were hiding in closets and under desks as helicopters hovered and armed tactical units searched the school.

Nearly two hours after it began, police now say it’s all clear and “school will resume normal activities.”

“We identified the circumstances involving the initial suspicious person call & confirmed no threat or danger to the school. The Code Red has been lifted from JPT HS & school will resume normal activities. We are clearing resources from the roadways.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Classrooms Went Dark as Students Hid While SWAT Looked For a Student That May Have Been Armed

“I’m a freshman in J.P. Taravella and everyone in the school has been sitting in there classrooms with the lights off for the last hour and 12 mins… Police came in my classroom not to long ago armed with rifles… There looking for a former student.”

“I’m in a closet with 10 kids. I have another 13 in another closet,” a text screenshot posted to Twitter reads. “…looking for a kid that has a gun.”

Students at J.P. Taravella High School are frightened and families are asking for updates. The school is located in Broward County, Florida and is a few miles from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, the scene of the deadly mass shooting in February of 2018.

Coral Spring Police confirmed the lock down. A media staging area was set up and parents were asked to keep monitoring social media.

“We are working a suspicious incident @ JPT HS. There is no immediate threats at this time. Parents are encouraged to monitor our Social Media for updates. The school is on Code Red as we continue our investigation. Traffic is restricted in the area.”

An Hour Into the Code Red, Students & Teachers Were Still Hiding

“we’re still sitting in our class rooms.. there’s two helicopters and news channel along with cops outside…”

Meanwhile, others are giving students advice:

“Stay safe. Mute phones,” one person said in a Tweet.

Another: “It is so disgusting that kids have to hide in closets at schools.”

Broward County schools has yet to address the incident on its website or social nor has the Twitter account of the school principal.

Taravella High School is located a few miles from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, the scene of a mass shooting a year ago.

There’s at least one report that the incident may be related to a “former student coming on campus with a backpack.”

A student, tweeting from “under a table,” said students are anxious and very afraid.

“Taravella is on a code red and it’s not even a drill and everyone fr spazzzing meanwhile I’m tweeting this under a table in my classroom in the dark. Why are we still going through things like this people are sick.”

Local media reported police SWAT is on the scene.

Near Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, Scene of the Parkland Massacre, Survivors Took to Twitter to Say Even Though no ‘Physical’ Injuries, the Trauma of the Event Must be Addressed

Ryan Deitsch, survivor of the Parkland massacre and founding member of the Never Again MSD movement says that in the event that the incident is resolved without any physical harm, there likelihood of trauma for students and educators cannot be ignored.

“…the psychological damage has already been done. May they too be considered for additional mental health support.”

Deitsch responded to a terrified freshman who recorded video in his darkened classroom..

“Last year I waited in a closed closet with roughly 20 others, for nearly 3 hours. I am truly sorry that this is still the reality.”

“A helicopter circles their school, turning their safe haven of education into a crime scene.

Camera crews show up shortly after.

The cops, certainly aiming to be helpful, appear as a militant force that further disrupts learning.

All this at 9AM on a school day.. .”

“There’s a reason that other countries police don’t have to send out tweets like this. Hint, it’s not because other countries have more guns.”

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