Rebecca Ruth Anderson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rebecca Ruth Anderson

Hood County Sheriffs Office Rebecca Ruth Anderson, Texas jailer accused of inappropriate relationship with inmate.

Rebecca Ruth Anderson is a former Texas jailer arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with an inmate, Fox 4 News reports.

Anderson, 23, was arrested in March for the state jail felony of violating the rights of a person in custody. She was released on $5,000 bail after turning herself in.

Anderson is accused of having sex with an inmate she was charged with overseeing at the Hood County Jail.

Anderson had worked at the jail for just over one year before she resigned last year.

Police said they began to investigate Anderson after receiving several tips, including one from her boyfriend.

Anderson is currently serving in the military, her attorney said.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Rebecca Ruth Anderson is Accused of Having Sex With an Inmate

Former North Texas Jailer Arrested For 'Inappropriate Relationship' With InmateA former jailer for the Hood County Sheriff's Office was arrested for having an "inappropriate relationship" with an inmate, authorities say. Matt Yurus reports.2019-04-03T14:12:54.000Z

The Hood County Sheriff’s Office said that Anderson is accused of having sex with an inmate that she was tasked with supervising at the Hood County Jail.

Anderson was arrested for the state jail felony of violating the rights of a person in custody. It is illegal for any jail employee to have sexual relations with an inmate.

Her attorney, Bill Walsh, told People that his client has not yet been charged.

“She was arrested on that basis but hasn’t been charged,” he said.

2. Police Launched Investigation After Receiving Tip From Anderson’s Boyfriend

The Hood County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation after receiving tips, including one from Anderson’s boyfriend, who was not in jail.

“Something like that happens, it really does disgust me that it went on,” Sheriff Roger Deeds told Fox 4. “And I’m not going to tolerate that, so we turned it over and called in the Rangers right away on it.”

Deeds said the inmate involved had “trustee status,” which means he was assigned for a duty like cooking, serving, or cleaning at the facility.

“I’ve got to serve and protect them, feed them 3 meals a day, take care of them and make sure no harm comes of them for any reason,” the sheriff said. “So this should’ve never happened.”

3. Anderson Worked at the Jail For One Year Before Resigning on ‘Great Conditions’

Walsh told People that Anderson worked at the Hood County Jail for just over one year.

She resigned in 2018 “under great conditions,” he said.

The alleged incident occurred while she still worked at the facility, he told the outlet.

“She cooperated with the Texas Rangers coming in the minute she heard of some accusations,” Walsh said. “She is innocent until proven guilty. I’ve got it going in, it’s a constitutional right. Until there’s some evidence presented that some jury would convict her beyond a reasonable doubt, she’s innocent.”

4. Attorney Says ‘There’s Must More That Hasn’t Been Revealed’

Walsh told People that there was more to the story than authorities had revealed.

“There is a lot more to this than that Rebecca Anderson had sex with an inmate and that is the end of the story,” Walsh said. “I don’t think the story ends here. There is much more that hasn’t been revealed at this point.”

Deeds said in a statement obtained by NBC DFW that he would be as transparent as possible in the investigation.

“I do not tolerate employees that break the law and requested the Texas Rangers investigate the allegation that was brought to my attention,” he said. “As an elected official, I try to be transparent as possible and let the public know what is going on at the Hood County Sheriff’s Office.”

5. Attorney Says Anderson’s Life Already ‘Wrecked’ Before She Has a Chance to Stand Trial

Walsh said that Anderson is serving in the military and has not had a chance to respond to the accusations before being convicted in the “court of public opinion.”

“I was hoping to cut this off but it got to the media too quick,” he told People. “It upsets me because she has been tried and convicted by the court of public opinion and there is a lot more to this case than has been revealed, but enough has been revealed to trash her. Her life is wrecked.”

“She is 23 and military-minded,” he added. “Dad raised her and her and her dad are glued to each other. They have so much respect for each other. This doesn’t fit a profile of somebody who would commit this crime.”

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