Stephen Moore’s Wives: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Stephen Moore, 59, an economic commentator and former advisor to the Trump campaign, was named by the president as a candidate for the Federal Reserve Board. Board members are confirmed to the Federal Reserve by the Senate to 14-year terms.

Moore’s nomination is facing backlash for articles he wrote in the early 2000s about why he felt women should not be allowed to referee or serve as announcers at men’s sporting events. CNN reported that Moore wrote in one column, “Is there no area in life where men can take a vacation from women? What’s next? Women invited to bachelor parties?”

Moore’s nomination had already been under scrutiny due to his past financial and marital issues. Court records showed that Moore failed to pay $75,000 to the IRS in 2014, as reported by CNBC. After the divorce from his first wife, Allison Moore, was finalized, he faced legal trouble for failing to pay six months of child support, according to the New York Times.

The divorce occurred due to infidelity on Moore’s part. Allison Moore explained in a 2010 court document that Moore admitted to having an extramarital affair for several months (more on that later in this article). But the woman named in the document was not his current wife, Anne Carey. Moore has had to lean on Carey to help explain the tax issues.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Anne Carey Handled Questions About Husband Stephen Moore’s Tax Problems

Stephen Moore owed the federal government $75,000 for unpaid taxes from 2014, as referenced above. When pressed on the issue, Moore referred questions to his current wife, Anne Carey.

Carey explained to Bloomberg that the issue had to do with child support payments. She told Bloomberg that in 2014, Moore had deducted both alimony and child support payments on his tax return. However, child support is not tax deductible.

The IRS audited Moore’s tax return, got rid of the deductions and added penalties. But Carey said that Moore was not aware of those changes because he had changed his address. He never received the notices in the mail from the IRS. Carey called the issue an honest mistake and said that her husband had not attempted to defraud the government. She added that she and Moore are still negotiating with the IRS to dispute the penalties.

2. Larry Kudlow, the Director of the National Economic Council in the Trump Administration, Served as Best Man When Stephen Moore Married Anne Carey

The White House has stood behind Stephen Moore as the president’s pick for the Federal Reserve Board despite the financial complications. That may be in part due to personal friendship.

According to the New York Times, President Trump’s National Economic Council director, Larry Kudlow, is a close friend of Stephen Moore. Kudlow served as the best man when Moore married Anne Carey.

Kudlow told the Times that President Trump was not concerned about the allegations against Moore and expressed confidence that Moore would “do fine” through the vetting process. Kudlow also joked during an event, that was also meant at praise toward Carey, “All those good things will come true as long as you let Anne Moore deal with the I.R.S.”

3. Stephen Moore & Anne Carey Moore Own a 6-Bedroom House in Potomac, Maryland

There appears to be little public information about Stephen Moore’s second wife, Anne Carey. But she is listed as a co-owner on the couple’s home in Potomac, Maryland. Her married name, Anne Elise Moore, is listed on the Montgomery County Department of Assessments and Taxation website, which is public record.

The property record states that the house was originally built in 1986. It has nearly 3,000 square feet plus a 1,400 square foot finished basement. The home sits on a half-acre lot and has 6 bedrooms. A 2017 assessment valued the house and land at just over $1 million. But a search on Zillow indicates the couple’s home is worth closer to $1.5 million currently.

4. Stephen Moore Was Married to His First Wife, Allison Michael Moore, For Two Decades; She Said He Began an Extramarital Affair in 2010

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Allison Michael Moore, 56, is the first wife of Stephen Moore. They got married on July 7, 1990, in Winnetka, Illinois. At the time of their split, they were living in Virginia and the divorce documents were filed in the Circuit Court for the County of Fairfax. The couple had three children together.

Allison Moore explained her reasoning for the split in an amended complaint filed in August of 2010. She alleges that Moore created two accounts on in December of 2009. She said Moore admitted to beginning an affair with another woman in February of 2010. Allison’s attorney explained in the document that Moore was “neither discreet nor inconspicuous… he tasteless and openly spoke with Plaintiff on several occasions about plans and events he was attending” with the other woman. She added that Moore talked about his mistress in front of their children at their son’s high school graduation. Allison quoted Moore as saying, “I have two women, and what’s really bad is when they fight over you.” The document states that Moore promised Allison he would end the affair.

Allison wrote that she served as the primary caretaker of their three children and had quit her job in order to care for them. She alleged that Moore had become “indifferent” toward their children. At the time of their divorce, the couple’s two older sons were teenagers and their third child would have been about 9 years old.

5. Allison Moore Requested Spousal & Child Support in the Divorce Filing; Stephen Moore Was Later Found in Contempt of Court For Failing to Make Payments For Several Months

Allison Moore and Stephen Moore were legally divorced in 2011. She had asked for spousal and child support in the divorce, which the judge granted. But Moore reportedly failed to make payments for six months.

The Guardian, citing court documents that had been unsealed, first reported that a judge found Moore in contempt of court for failing to pay Allison more than $330,000. The judge ordered Moore to sell his house in order make the payment.

The Washington Post reported that police officers, real estate agents, and a locksmith were sent to Moore’s home to prepare it to be sold. But Moore then paid Allison $217,000 and the judge rescinded the order that Moore sell the house.

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