Where is Sri Lanka? How Many People Live There?

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On Easter Sunday, a series of coordinated bombings attacked the country of Sri Lanka, which is located in South Asia on the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is an island officially known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, southwest of the Bay of Bengal, southeast to the Arabian Sea. It was a British colony until obtaining independence in 1948.

The death toll from the terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday, April 21, continues to rise. As of press time, that number of fatalities reached nearly 200 victims. The targeted churches of the terrorist bombs were located in Kochchikade, Negombo and Batticaloa, killing those who were attending Easter mass. The blasts continued to rip through three popular tourist visited hotels, the five star Shangri La, Cinnamon Grand, and Kingsbury Hotel, all located in the capital city of Colombo.

While suspects have not yet been named, these were coordinated and purposeful attacks. The seventh and eighth explosion took place in the Dehiwela and Dematagoda areas, and appeared to be committed by “those responsible for the attacks running from the law,” according to Minister of Economic Reforms and Public Distribution Harsha de Silva.

GettyExplosion in St Sebastian’s Church in Negombo, north of the capital Colomb.

The population of Sri Lanka as of Sunday, April 21, 2019, is 21,005,382 people based on the latest United Nations estimates. which makes up a total of .027 % of the world’s population. While Sri Lanka is densely populated, the bulk of its people live in poverty in rural areas, and according to Britannica, depend on agriculture for work. The official languages are Sinhala, Tamil, and English. The major religions are Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity.

Sri Lanka, before 1972, was known as Ceylon, and is roughly the same size of Ireland at 25,330 square miles. The island country was once connected to India by an 18-mile land bridge, but the passageway has since been destroyed.

While there are no direct flights from America to Sri Lanka, due to the country’s stunning beaches and safari adventures, it’s a well known travel destination for people all over world. It is located between longitudes 81°53′ E and 79°41′ and latitudes 9°51′ N and 5°55′. The tropical temperatures averages between 72 and 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

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