3 People Stabbed at Felix Varela High School

Felix Varela High School

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Three students were transported to Kendall Regional Medical Center’s trauma center after a reported stabbing at Felix Varela High School around 2:30 p.m. on Monday. At least one person has been stabbed, it’s unclear why the other two people were transported to the hospital. According to Miami-Dade police, all three victims are currently in stable condition. There was a video posted on Twitter showing a student on the ground being treated for a stab wound.

According to a student from Felix Varela, students from nearby Ferguson high school assaulted a Felix Varela student. The Varela student then went to his girlfriend’s car, grabbed a knife and stabbed the Ferguson students.

Authorities said that a student reported another student was stabbed in the abdomen on campus but have not confirmed the incident.

Police are currently on the scene and the school is currently on lockdown. According to Twitter posts from high school students, a man or student entered the school and started stabbing people.

A local eyewitness saw the juvenile who was stabbed and described what happened.

Police have apprehended all 4 people involved in the stabbing who will be facing felony charges for the incident. “The offender is a current student here at Varela, and two of the three victims are Miami-Dade County Public Schools students. However, they are not enrolled at Varela,” said Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Edwin Lopez.

Lopez added that the violent incident is not a typical incident at the school.

“The school is secure and safe. This was an isolated incident,” he said. “At no point do we feel it’s going to carry over to the rest of the work week, but right now we do have a heavy police presence because we are still interviewing the offender to ensure that we do have the complete details so we can continue with the case.”

7 News Miami is reporting that the four people involved in the incident will face burglary and battery charges. The Felix Varela student will additionally be charged for having a weapon on school grounds.

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