Missing Maui Hiker Amanda Eller Found Alive

Findamanda Facebook Amanda Eller

According to a post on the “Findamanda” Facebook page, Amanda Eller has been found alive in the Makawao Forest Reserve. The 35-year-old physical therapist and yoga instructor from Maui went missing while hiking 16 days ago. Her disappearance gained national attention and she was featured on the television show Dateline.

According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, Amanda was found during an air search of the forest. “Urgent update!” The post read “Amanda has been found. She was injured in the forest. She is being air evacuated now. She just talk to her father on the phone. Amanda Eller is alive !!!!”

The Facebook page made the announcement at 4:30 PM Hawaii Standard Time. The post announcing that she’s been found already has 7.8K likes, 3,300 shares and 2,400 comments from people who are happy she was found alive.

Amanda Eller Facebook Comments

Hundreds of Maui residents helped with the search effort and law enforcement officials have dedicated hundreds of man hours searching for Amanda since she went missing. The Maui County Department of Fire & Public Safety announced they had suspended the official search on May 12 but continued to follow up on leads. The FBI also offered to help in the search.

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