Candace Owens Is Leaving Turning Point USA to Focus on Blexit

YouTube Candace Owens

Candace Owens has announced that she will be stepping down from Turning Point USA, the conservative organization aimed at educating college students about conservative values. Owens, who serves as the organization’s communications director, announced her new plans in a lengthy Instagram post on May 1. You can read her full post here.

Owens said she still plans to appear at future Turning Point conferences and to chair the organization’s annual Black Leadership Summit. But she said she no longer has the time to be communications director for the group. Owens said that, going forward, she wants to pour her energy into her dream of moving black voters away from the Democratic party. Owens is a key figure in the “Blexit” movement, which seeks to convince more black voters to join the Republican party. In her Instagram post on May 1, Owens said she wants to “wake up black America” She wrote,

“My dream has always been simple— to wake up black America—To turn the lights on within a community that has been used and abused by the Democrat party for decades. No one believed my dream was possible. Charlie always knew it was. Can we move the black vote 20 point by 2020? That is my vision and I want to pour every single minute into making my dream a reality. With the #BLEXIT movement, the Candace Owens podcast, and my upcoming book— I no longer feel I can be a dedicated communications director to an organization that is rightfully growing rapidly.”

Owens also pointed out that Turning Point, with its focus on college students, doesn’t always reach black Americans. She wrote,
“We love our freedom-fighting students. We love our campus clashes. I have loved every single minute of traveling the country and learning the real spirit of this amazing nation. But the sad truth is that the majority of black Americans don’t never make it to college.”

Owens is a prominent conservative figure, but once upon a time she was a liberal. In 2015, Owens left a job in finance to start a left-leaning blog called Degree 180. The blog denounced the Tea Party Movement and then-candidate Donald Trump; it also included essays on personal development and other non-political issues.

But Owens says that she had her ‘red pill’ awakening around 2016, when she founded Social Autopsy and encountered push-back from liberals. The story of what, exactly, happened there — and who, exactly, was trying to stop Social Autopsy — is complex. You can read more about that here.

The way Owens tells it, her experience trying to start Social Autopsy convinced her that the liberal media is a destructive force — and this was the start of her sympathy for Donald Trump, and her change of political affiliation.