Gigi Hadid’s Twitter Hacked With Racist & Anti-Semitic Messages

Getty Gigi Hadid

On Friday night, a series of extremely disturbing tweets flooded model Gigi Hadid‘s Twitter feed. Someone known as “@grinchsquad13” started tweeting at about 11:15 p.m. ET with a series of NSFW messages that made from extremely cringe-worthy reading and filled with gross vernacular.

From her verified account, the anti-semitic messages kept coming, and numerous of the tweets asked her followers to go follow @grinchsquad13, who appeared to have taken over her account. The N word was dropped numerous times, it was tweeted that she wished Germany won WWII, and that Donald Trump is the best President ever.

Hacked tweets on Gigi Hadid’s Twitter feed

Gigi Hadid’s Hacked Twitter

Within 35 minutes, the offensive tweets were thankfully taken down. It was clear from the get go that these were not message that would ever come out of Hadid’s mouth. The 24-year-old supermodel, who recently slayed the red carpet during the 2019 Met Gala “Notes on Camp” event, has never made an even remotely racist comment in public before, and it’s sad that anyone would want to put such hateful messages on her public platform, and abuse her 9.2 million followers.

Fake Twitter Messages between Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid

The @grinchsquad also tweeted out text messages between Hadid and fellow model Kendall Jenner. The messages appear to be from June 2013, and the messages read “I was about to tweet something fun and I scroll up and you tweet “need someone to do fun stuff with… saw your tweets about insta – Try deleting the app and reloading,” for which a fake Kendall responded, “omg ur a genius! thanks I’ll try that!”

Gigi Hadid hacked Twitter messages

While the fake exchange between Hadid and Jenner was clearly an attempt by the hacker to make it appear as if it was Hadid tweeting, this person was fooling no one. A later message included a link to “Stream Nazi Germany by Gigi Hadid” on Spotify.

The latest real tweet from Hadid herself was posted on May 8, and much more on brand for the Tommy Hilfiger spokesmodel. She answers a fan’s question about her favorite Kacey Musgraves song, for which she said “Follow Your Arrow” and “Merry Go Round.”

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