Lily Mika: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lily Mika

Facebook/Lily Mika Lily Mika pictured on her Facebook page.

Lily Mika is the French travel blogger who is appealing for the return of her lost camera that features topless photos. Mika was on the Isle of Skye in Scotland when the camera vanished. At the time of writing, Mika’s campaign to find her camera has attracted hundreds of shares and comments with people eager to help her find her missing Lumix GX80.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Mika Is Optimistic About Getting Her Camera Back Because of the ‘Kindness of Scottish People’

GettyTourist visit Sligachan Old Bridge on the Isle of Skye on August 17, 2017 in Valtos Scotland. The Isle of Skye is known as one of the most beautiful places in Scotland, however its infrastructure services are being stretched to the limit by the number of visitors heading there to enjoy its rugged scenic beauty.

In her Facebook appeal, Mika, 26, wrote in part, “Hi ! I visited Skye, Scotland, last week (16/05/19). I spent so much time admiring this beautiful country that I did a big mistake : I forgot my camera on a rest area near to Sligachan ??‍♀️… So, lovely people of internet, I need your help ! I was so impressed with the kindness of Scottish people that I am sure that the people who found my camera are willing to give it back to its owner… But they have no way to find me ! That’s where I need your help : please share this post and make it travel the virtual world so that the people who have my camera lumix gx80 see my face on their Facebook feed ?? !”

2. The Topless Photos Are for a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Lily Mika photos

Facebook/Lily Mika

Mika went on to say that the camera features photos dating back to November 2017. She added that there are artistic topless photos on the camera from her various journeys to Australia, Thailand and Indonesia. Mika says it’s been her plan for a while to publish a book of her photos. The goal of the book was to encourage women to be confident in their bodies and to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

3. Mika Also Has Photos With Her Boyfriend, Jules, on the Camera

Lily Mika Camera

Facebook/Lily Mk

In addition to those photos, Mika says there are pictures of her with her grandfather and her boyfriend, Jules, that she does not want to lose. Mika said she will settle for just getting the camera’s SD card returns. The appeal ends with the words, “keep faith, I know the world is full of good people and internet can be magic ☺️✨ thank you so much for your help. ♥️ ”

4. Mika Says People Have Been to the Area Where She Last Saw Her Camera, But With No Luck So Far

Lily Mika Facebook page

Facebook/Lily Mika

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mika said that she was en route to the airport in Edinburgh when she realized her camera wasn’t in her bag. Mika said that she had been able to locate the area of the Isle of Skye where she last remembered seeing her camera. The blogger says that some people have contacted her to say they have been to the rest area where she last saw her camera, to no avail. Mika told the tabloid, “The pictures of my trip with my 80-year-old grandparents are inside as well and since recently my grandma can’t walk anymore so I know I will never take her to a trip anymore and I would love to have these memories.”

5. Mika Said She Left Her Homeland in 2017 With a Pen & a Backpack

Lily MK Isle of Skye

Facebook/Lily Mk

On her blog, Lily the Nomad, Mika writes that she left France in 2017 with a “smile,” a “pen” and a “backpack.” Mika says she had no set time to return as she wandered around Europe, Asia and Australia. The bio ends with the words, “It is with my words that I hope to make you travel … Are we going?” The most recent post on the blog is from March 2019 and is about her trip to Australia. In January 2019, Mika published a post titled, “How Instagram Can Ruin Our Holidays.” Mika went on to criticize Instagram users for “exaggerating the picture” and for living in a “bubble.” Mika is a graduate of SKEMA Business School in Lille, France, according to her LinkedIn page. Mika also says on that page that she works as a freelance web editor.

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