Marlin Jackson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Marlin Jackson is the Alabama man who was mauled by a service dog while aboard a Delta flight. Jackson has filed a lawsuit with the dog’s owner and with Delta Airlines, claiming that they failed to protect passengers from the 50 pound dog. He says he’ll never recover sensation in some areas of his face after the brutal attack. Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Needed 28 Stitches After Being Mauled by the Service Dog on Board His Flight

Marlin Jackson was assigned the window seat on a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to San Diego back in 2017. He was seated next to a passenger named Ronald Kevin Mundy, who was traveling with his 50 pound emotional support dog on his lap. Jackson says that as soon as he started putting on his seat belt, the dog lunged at him. Mundy secured the dog, which briefly stopped the attack. But later in the flight, the animal attacked Jackson again. This time, the dog mauled his face, causing him to bleed to heavily that the seats in front of him had to be evacuated. Jackson had to consult a plastic surgeon afterward and needed 28 stitches. He has said that two years later, he still doesn’t have sensation in some areas of his face.

2. The Dog’s Owner, a Former Marine, Said His Dog Had Been Issued to Him for Emotional Support

Jackson is suing both Delta Airlines and Robert Kevin Mundy, Jr, the owner of the dog who mauled him on a Delta flight in 2017. The lawsuit charges that Mundy “knew or in the exercise of reasonable care, should have known that his large animal was foreseeably dangerous, especially when confined to the cramped and anxious quarters of the passenger cabin of an airplane.”

Mundy is a former Marine from North Carolina. The dog, a chocolate lab pointer mix, was issued to him as an emotional support animal.

3. Jackson Says He Suffers from Severe Emotional & Physical Pain as a Result of the Attack

Years after being pinned to the window and mauled by a service dog aboard a flight, Jackson says that he is still suffering from intense emotional and physical pain. He says he is suing both the dog’s owner and Delta Airlines because of the attack, which he needed 28 stitches to recover from. Jackson says Delta never checked to make sure that the dog was trained and could handle the stress of being on a crowded flight. He also says that Delta did not warn passengers that they were about to take risks as they boarded a flight with an unsecured animal.

“The harm of large, untrained and unrestrained animals in the cabin of an airplane was reasonably foreseeable to Delta, or should have been,” Jackson’s suit said.

4. Robert Kevin Mundy, the Dog’s Owner, Suffers from PTSD

Robert Kevin Mundy, Jr is a Marine veteran who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. After the dog attacked Jackson, a witness heard Mundy hugging the dog, crying, and saying, “I know they’re going to put him down.” The dog was assigned to Mundy as an emotional support animal. But Jackson has filed a lawsuit against Mundy, charging that he should have done more to prepare his dog for the stressful flight. It’s not clear what happened to the dog after the flight, although Delta did say that Mundy and the dog were allowed to board a new flight. The dog was put in a kennel for that flight.

5. Jackson is 45 Years Old & Lives in Daphne, Alabama

According to the site, Marlin Jackson is 45 years old and lives in Daphne, Alabama. Jackson recently filed a lawsuit against both Delta Airlines and Robert Kevin Mundy after suffering severe injuries when Mundy’s emotional support dog attacked him. Jackson says that he will have scars on his face for the rest of his life; he also says that he’s suffered intense emotional and physical pain ever since Mundy’s dog pinned him against the airplane window and mauled his face aboard a Delta flight to San Diego. Jackson needed 28 stitches after the brutal attack.