Maximillion Young: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Fort Bend ISD

Maximillion Young is a Texas teenager who was arrested May 15 on the charge of possession of explosive components. In court documents obtained by Heavy, Young has reportedly told his classmates that he is a sociopath.

According to the search warrant, police were called on May 9 concerning a conversation Young had with his classmates. In the conversation, Young told them he makes his own gun powder and wants to sell bombs. He also talked about using shrapnel in his bombs that would “shred people apart.” Then, Young told them that he is a sociopath who “likes to see things go boom.”

The warrant states that Young’s classmates asked what he planned to do with the bombs, and he told them, “the people at this school are going nowhere in life and they are not worth it.”

According to a conversation police had with Young’s father, his son likes chemistry and had been learning how to make gunpowder on YouTube. Young’s father also showed the police a video of his son igniting homemade gunpowder in their driveway. Police searched the home and found black powder, metal pipes, and other components that could be used for making bombs.

On May 13, FBI agents got involved in the case. Analysis of materials obtained at Young’s residence confirmed that they could be used to make a pipe bomb. Young’s lawyer David S. Hunter has issued a statement maintaining his client’s innocence

Maximillion Young was arrested on May 15, and his bond has been set at $25,000.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Maximillion Young Is a 17-Year-Old Student at Clements High School


Maximillion Young is a 17-year-old who attends Clements High School in Fort Bend, Texas. He was born on April 13, 2002. According to court documents, Young is in the ninth grade. He has been charged with felony possession of explosive components. According to his classmates, Young is a self-proclaimed sociopath.

2. Young Made Disturbing Statements to His Classmates That Set Off the Investigation

Police got involved in the case on May 9. They were called around seven in the evening by a concerned parent. The parent reported disturbing comments Young had reportedly made to their child that day during the morning’s second period.

In the conversation, court documents report that Young told the other students he knew how to make bombs and showed them the Google alert for explosives that he had set up on his phone. He talked about making his own gunpowder and selling bombs. He also stated that he could include materials like glass, plastic, or rocks in his bombs as shrapnel. He said those items moving at high speeds could “shred people apart.” He also mentioned using sparklers to ignite pipe bombs.

Though Young is not reported to have made direct threats, those statements were disturbing enough to warrant an investigation.

3. Law Enforcement Found Alarming Explosive Materials in Their Search of Young’s Home

In the evening of May 9, police conducted their first search of Young’s home. According to court documents, they were advised to search the home’s detached garage where they found one bottle of Stump Remover (Spectracide brand potassium nitrate), one bottle of sulfur dust, and a bowl containing a metal pipe and some kind of black powder. Court documents state that Young purchased these items online, and they were all arranged on a workbench in the garage.

On May 13, a Houston Bomb Tech Division FBI agent confirmed that the items confiscated from Young’s home could be used to make explosives. The FBI agent also expressed concern about a syringe found on Young’s workbench that could be used to make a larger explosive.

Houston Chronicle reports that on a second search of Young’s home police found an AR 15 firearm, shotgun, handgun, and two military-style ammunition boxes in a safe in the guest bedroom.

4. Young Has Not Directly Threatened the Students at His School


Although Young has made disturbing statements and explosive materials were found in his home, he has not made direct threats to any students at his school. Clements High School Principal David Yaffie wrote in a letter to parents at the school, “It is important to note that no direct threat was made towards any individual or the school. Nevertheless, FBISD Police Chief David Rider and I believe it is necessary to inform you about this incident.”

He continued, “The investigation into this situation is ongoing and we will continue to do our due diligence in matters related to it. It is also important that our students know that we will always take immediate action when we receive reports that involve the safety of our school.”

However, Young’s neighbors are shocked by what police found in his home. Neighbor Elaine Biles told KHOU 11, “I want him investigated. I want to make sure that my neighborhood’s safe and I’m safe and my family’s safe.”

In the Fort Bend County Forum Facebook Group, Farha Ahmed wrote, “Disturbing to say the least.” Another community member Roy Whiffin replied, “So, now we have fighting, bullying, sex and now bomb making, and one of the highest paid superintendents saying nothing, and probably doing nothing.”

Christal Murphy replied, “Well, they are teaching ‘hear something/say something’ and that worked out pretty well in this instance didn’t it?”

5. Young’s Lawyer Maintains That His Client is Innocent

Young’s attorney David Hunter sent ABC Eyewitness 13 a statement maintaining his client’s innocence.

“While we recognize that this is totally necessary that our schools be hyper-vigilant to keep our children safe, law-enforcement has completely missed the mark in this case. It appears that law-enforcement has grossly misinterpreted information or has an incomplete investigation in this matter. We look forward to zealously defending our client’s innocence in court.” He wrote.

Young’s father Alex Young has stated that this is all a misunderstanding, portraying his son as a curious young man with an interest in chemistry.

Clements High School student John McCarthy disagrees. He told ABC 13, “I probably can’t imagine what would’ve happened if that wasn’t the case. We’re very lucky that they came forward at the time that they did.”

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