Michael Bennet’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michael Bennet's Family

Getty Incumbent senatorial candidate U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) celebrates with his family, (L-R) daughters, Caroline Bennet, 11, Halina Bennet, 9, and Anne Bennet, 6, along with his wife, Susan Daggett as early returns show him leading over his competitor, (R) Ken Buck.

Michael Bennet is lucky number 21, the 21st person to hop in the 2020 presidential race. Bennet announced his candidacy Thursday morning on CBS This Morning.

Bennet, who has a background in education, boiled down his candidacy to two issues.

“I think this country faces two enormous challenges, among others,” Bennet said on CBS This Morning. “One is a lack of economic mobility, an opportunity for most Americans. And the other is the need to restore integrity to our government. I think we need to do both of those things.”

Bennet, who has been a Senator of Colorado since 2009 is not the only Colorado politician vying for a seat in the White House. Colorado’s former Governor, and Bennet’s former boss, John Hickenlooper has also declared his candidacy for president.

Bennet’s relationship with the former Governor is not the only eye-catching thing about the Senator though. His family, who has a steeped history with 20th-century politics is also something to take a look at.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. 1. Michael Bennet’s Father & Grandfather Both Served in Past Administrations

Bennet is not the first person in his family to get into politics. In fact, he was born right into it. In 1964 Michael was born in New Delhi, India where his father, Douglas J. Bennet, was serving as an aide to U.S. Ambassador to India, Chester Bowles.

Both of Bennet’s father and grandfather have served in past administrations. Douglas J. Bennet was apart of both Jimmy Carter’s and Bill Clinton’s administration. He ran the U.S. Agency for International Development under Carter, which then led to his Presidency of both National Public Radio and Wesleyan University. Michael took the political route of his father’s past, while his younger brother, James Bennet, followed in their father’s media footsteps as he is the editorial editor for The New York Times and the former editor in chief of the Atlantic.

James Bennet Interviewing Mark Zuckerberg

GettyJames Bennet, former editor in chief of the Atlantic discusses immigration with Mark Zuckerberg.

Michal’s grandfather, Douglas Bennet, was an economic adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  1. 2. Michael Bennet’s Jewish Grandparents Fled Warsaw After World War II

Bennet’s grandparents and his mother were prisoners in the notorious Warsaw camp during World War II. Bennet’s mother, Susanne Klejman was the only one to speak English at the time when they made their way to New York in 1950.

According to Rocky Mountain News, Bennet’s grandparents smuggled his mother – then a baby – out of Warsaw using an underground network.

Breadline in a Warsaw Ghetto

GettyJewish children gathering in a Warsaw Ghetto waiting for food during the Nazi occupation of Poland in 1941.

His grandmother, Halina Klejman, was able to escape with nuns, who then found refuge in a convent. His grandfather was able to hide in different parts of the Warsaw ghetto until it was liquidated and its inhabitants were forced into labor camps.

According to Michael and his brother, James Bennet, their mother rarely talked about her early years. On the other hand, the brothers learned most of their family’s history through their grandmother, who died at the age of 99.

  1. 3. Susanne Klejman, Michael Bennet’s Mother, Was a School Librarian

As a champion of education, Michael Bennet served as the Denver Superintendent of schools before taking up the reins of Senator.

Bennet has not always been an ace scholar though, as according to Rocky Mountain News, Bennet failed second grade due to his troubles with dyslexia.

His love and passion for quality education could have something to do with his mother’s love for the english language, as she was an elementary school librarian who also volunteered at a public library in her retirement.

  1. 4. Michael Bennet Met His Wife, Susan Daggett, When They Were Both Living in Washington D.C.

Susan Daggett and Michael Bennet met in the 1990s on a blind date in Washington D.C. Daggett, who went to Yale Law School developed a passion for the environment and environmental law.

After a 6-month stint in Ecuador learning the culture of the South American country, Daggett returned Washington to work as a clerk for a district court judge. Prior to their marriage, Daggett landed her “dream job” in Bozeman, Montana working for the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund.

Michael Bennet and Susan Daggetts family

GettySenator Michael Bennet, D-Colorado, at the 2013 Green Inaugural Ball with his wife, Susan Daggett and three daughters.

The two would get engaged in 1996, shortly after they moved to Montana together. According to Denverwoman.com, the couple would commute between Montana and Washington until they both decided to move to Denver after their marriage in 1997.

  1. 5. Michael Bennet Has Three Children & Has Recently Survived Prostate Cancer

Bennet and Daggett have three children, all daughters, Halina, Anne and Caroline. Surrounded by the strength of his family Bennet decided to make his run for president less than a month after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

On April 19th, spokesperson for Senator Bennet released the following statement about Bennet’s prostate cancer treatment:

“Last weekend, Michael underwent surgery and is recovering at his home in Colorado. His doctors report the surgery was completely successful and he requires no further treatment. Michael and his family deeply appreciate the well wishes and support from Coloradans and others across the country, and he looks forward to returning to work after the recess.”

Bennet was expected to announce his run in early April, but his cancer set him back until his treatment was complete.

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