Palo Verde Student’s Racist Snapchat: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

PVHS student racist snapchat

Twitter screenshot PVHS student racist snapchat

A Las Vegas high school student posted a repugnant racist Snapchat video Wednesday that has led to widespread shock and condemnation. In the 13-second clip, the Palo Verde High School student says, “ni**ers need to burn…”

Shared to Twitter, the video was recorded off the school’s campus, but officials have confirmed the student attends the school and the incident is being investigated.

The student, whose name has appeared on social media, which Heavy is currently working to confirm, appears to be reciting the words to a 2017 song, “Fu*k All Ni**erz,” by a person called Bobby2Pistolz. The enigmatic ‘rapper,’ is seen as a young white boy on myriad platforms where the song is featured. And while accurately confirming his identity is difficult at best, the song and others attributed to him from the “MAGA Tape” on SoundCloud, include both contemptible and potentially criminal hate speech.

This post will include uncensored video content and reader caution is advised.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. ‘Ni**ers Need to Burn, Ni**ers Need to Learn,’ is Recited in the Snapchat Video by the Student Described as Being a ‘Popular Guy on Campus’

Las Vegas City Council candidate Patsy Brown posted the Snapchat video to Twitter Thursday.

“It’s prom season, graduation season, flu season and this is what my daughter showed me when she came home from #paloverde high today…”

Brown said she was shown the video by her daughter, a student at Palo Verde High School. People who reacted to her tweet shared universal disgust.

“There are a whole group of us moms with kids at other @ClarkCountySch schools, & we stand behind you & will help in any way we can to stomp out this kind of hatred, bigotry, racism, and threatening behavior. We have to stand united to end this hate…”

Brown said she was told by her daughter that the student is “…a popular guy on campus and she was shocked ? because she would have never expected that from him …”

The student has been named on social media and appears to be named in the video. Heavy is working to confirm his identity.

2. The School District Replied to Tweets Saying the High School Was ‘Aware & Investigating’ Thursday. It’s Not Clear What, If Anything, Has Been Done as of Friday

In replies to Tweets by Brown and the Clark County Schools Watch, the Clark County School District says the high school has seen the video and is investigating.

“Palo Verde HS is aware of the video and is investigating. Behavior like this will not be tolerated at our school nor anywhere in the Clark County School District.”

Clark County Schools Watch “keeps tabs on the goings-on with the Clark County School District…”

A request emailed to the CCSD by Heavy for comment and clarification was not immediately returned; this story will be updated if or when that request is answered.

3. The Snapchat Video Follows Other Racist Incidents in the Clark County Schools Involving a Noose, Swastika & an Alleged Assault of a Black Student

In a detailed report posted by the Clark County Schools Watch, writer Eric “E. C.” Huey, lays out a litany of very recent racist incidents in elementary, middle and high schools located in the Clark County, Nevada district.

“A noose hangs over a set of bleachers at a high school. A swastika found on a student desk at an area middle school. An assault and battery targeting a black student at another middle school. A high school student spews racial epithets on SnapChat and it’s broadcast for the whole world to see. And parents at a Green Valley area elementary school report allegations of discrimination involving administrators there and their children have been targeted.”

In Escobedo Middle School in Clark County, a swastika and a threat were etched on the desk of a Jewish student.

A rabbi’s seventh-grade daughter had a “hand-drawn swastika on it and the words ‘You don’t belong here’ written underneath.” it was reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Rabbi Craig Rosenstein told local media that while he “grew up with those kind of taunts and got used to them,” the note was more frightening and he said it was a “hate crime …terrorism, it’s emotional intimidation and that needs to be dealt with.”

The school’s principal said it was an “inappropriate note.”

And an incident in the Lois & Jerry Tarkanian Middle School, witnessed by a school counselor, it was reported, where a black student was struck by a white student who had instructed the black student to move from a seat as she said she was going to “slap him back into slavery.”

4. In the Racist Snapchat Video, the Words Appear to be From a Bobby2Pistolz Song Titled ‘Fu*k All Ni**erz’

The Bobby2Pistolz ‘song’ begins with a repeated, “fu*k all those ni**ers,” and segues into expletive-filled lines that include “Martin Luther King deserved to die,” says African-Americans should be burned adding “fu*k Rosa Parks, I’ll slap that bitch as well…” and continues on the same track.

Images purported to show Bobby2Pistolz on Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud identify him as a young white male based in Tennessee or Kentucky.

Bobby2Pistolz has at least five different tracks on the “MAGA Tape,” on various SoundCloud accounts including, “Im With the KKK,” and “Fu*k Mexicans.”

There are now a number of SoundCloud account for Bobby2Pistolz.

Posted on so-called UK-based “free speech” site, BitChute, a thinly veiled white supremacist site, a person whose handle is Johnny Nutmegg, re-posted the song, “Fu*k All Ni**erz,” while lamenting that the original SoundCloud account for Bobby2Pistolz was removed.

“rip his soundcloud (also I did reupload this because the other version had shit quality).”

Songs by Bobby2Pistolz have been uploaded to BitChute and other Disqus white power sites despite allegedly being banned beginning in 2017. That said, his songs have been re-uploaded many times by different accounts all over SoundCloud.

And on YouTube right now, the song is easily located.

VideoVideo related to palo verde student’s racist snapchat: 5 fast facts you need to know2019-05-17T17:03:11-04:00

This version has 9,000 views though combined, based on a cursory count, has been viewed and shared nearly 20,000 times. The comments on this video are disturbing.

5. Another Video of Arizona Middle School Students Singing the Bobby2Pistolz Song in 2018 Also Was Widely Condemned

The original story has been removed, but it concerned another Snapchat video where Chandler, Arizona students are reciting the lyrics.

Like in the Las Vegas incident this week, many understood that the words were from the song, but said that being repeated, recited or sung was racist and offensive.

“Okay, I just looked up the song lyrics & it’s not your typical explicit rap song. I listen to rap music regularly & I can vouch that this particular song is beyond vile. I get why they are so upset. If you want to see for yourself, it’s called “F*ck All N-gg-rs” by Bobby 2 Pistolz. Very disturbing.”

But many believed that it was not the school’s responsibility, but the parents’.

And said that blaming lyrics or video games, for example, ignores the fact that what a child learns, s/he learns at home.

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