WATCH: Threatening, Racist Tirade Unleashed on Teen Girl in Elk Grove, California [Video]

A California teenager posted a video to Twitter that shows the racist rant of a man who threatened to report her to immigration because she was in a parking spot reserved for citizens. The girl is American.

Apparently the man approached the teen, who was in her parked car in Laguna Community Park, it was reported, thinking she was his Uber driver. She was not. He then began making threats telling the girl she could not remain parked in the parking lot, did not speak English, was not a citizen and therefore he was phoning local police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. .

He can be heard saying, “she barely speaks English” as he proceeds to yell “you don’t belong here.”

She repeats she is an American citizen in clear and fluent English.

“I am going to wait till the cops come and have them get you out of here because you don’t belong here.” She says good, she’d like to talk to them too. But he does not relent. He tells her she’s taking up parking space meant for “American citizens.”

The man left and the teen was reported to have phoned police herself and learned he did not call authorities.

She wrote on Twitter, “Stuff like this shouldn’t be going unnoticed, never would I have thought something like this would happen to me…It was so shocking to see this happen I was just minding my business and he needs to do the same …”

Her friend was in solidarity.

“when you hear stuff like this on the news, you would never think it would happen in our own backyard. ITS DISGUSTING? i thought elk grove was better than this PLEASE REPOST TO SHOW MY FRIEND YOU’RE ON HER SIDE??”