WATCH: Houston Police Chase Leads to Violent Crash

WATCH: Houston Police Chase

Facebook/KCEN TV A Houston Police chase of a man who stole a car has lead to a violent crash.

On Monday afternoon, a Houston police chase ended when the driver who was being corralled by police cars slammed into a barrier off of Highway 288.

According to Houston’s ABC 13, police were chasing a man who stole the car that eventually crashed.

Officials say the chase began around 2:30PM central time on Calhoun Road. The chase ended with the violent accident near the Southmore exit on the southbound lanes.

According to KHOU 11 News Houston, the man who stole the car cut through neighborhoods close to Houston’s Third Ward.

ABC 13 reports that the driver of the stolen car could be seen injured at the end of the crash.

KHOU 11 News Houston broadcasted the chase live on Periscope.

Driver Has Been Hospitalized

KPRC Houston reports the driver has been hospitalized since the crash. It is currently unknown how many people were in the vehicle.

Driver Stole the Car From Home Depot

According to the Houston Chronicle the driver of the crashed car stole the vehicle from a Home Depot. While Amil Mikahiel, the owner of the Lexus SUV, was buying a new washer his car was allegedly stolen.

Mikahiel quickly called 911 and told the police that he has GPS on his car. When the police spotted the location of the stolen car, the chase was on.

Once Mikahiel found located his car, he ran onto the freeway where it was crashed observing the paramedics loading up the suspect onto a stretcher.

“Of course, I felt so bad because the car is wrecked and is a total loss,” he told “I’m sorry about the car. The guy, I think he’s in pretty bad shape right now.”

No charges have been made at the moment, but evading police officers in a motor vehicle is typically a felony.


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