WATCH: White Montgomery County Police Officer Uses N-Word on Video

Montgomery County police officer

A Montgomery County white female police officer reportedly said the n-word on May 9 to a man with two of his brothers and a co-worker around 10 in the morning, according to Fox 5 D.C.

The man told the news network that police officers came to the gas station where he was after employees accused him of loitering. A pair of videos have since been released of the ensuing interaction between the unidentified man and the unidentified police officer: a video that the man took, which has since been circulating around social media, and bodycam footage from the officers.

The Montgomery County Department of Police has since released a statement condemning the language used by the officer, whose name has not been released.

You can watch both videos in full below:

WATCH: Montgomery Police Officer Reportedly Says N-Word in Video Below

2019 0509 1900153807 3D VideoInstagram Video from Silver Spring Encounter2019-05-10T01:16:25.000Z

In the video above, you can see the full interaction between the unidentified man and the unidentified police officer.

During the end of the video, the officer can be heard saying,  the officer says, “y’all n—–s been tryin’ to something.” Someone calls her a racist, and the officer then says she was just repeating what someone else had already said. She said, “Nope, that’s a quote, those were your words.”

Following the spread of the video on social media, the Montgomery County Department of Police released a tweet which read, “We are aware of the video on social media involving MCPD officers in the Silver Spring area. We are currently in the process of reviewing all video footage. We have reached out to the persons involved in the incident. More information is forthcoming.”

Here’s the body-cam footage, as well:

AXON Body 2 Video 2019 05 09 1037 Redacted2019-05-10T01:19:42.000Z

The Montgomery Police Department’s full statement on the video reads,

“The Montgomery County Department of Police takes all allegations of racial discrimination seriously. We are committed to serving all members of the community in a fair, impartial, and non-discriminatory manner at all times.  All allegations of misconduct surrounding inappropriate actions or language by our employees are investigated by our Internal Affairs Division, at times in concert with other governmental agencies within Montgomery County.

The matter brought to our attention today is disturbing and contrary to our department’s values and our overarching mission to fairly and impartially serve our community.  The statements observed on the social media video clip are contrary to our extensive training curriculum that include implicit bias training and other training programs to ensure fair, unbiased, and non-discriminatory policing in our community.

We sincerely regret the disturbing nature of this video.  We understand the pain such language causes the entire community.  Our commitment to having open and honest communication with the community and providing transparent police service persists. As part of our commitment to accountability and transparency, we are releasing both the social media video and the body worn camera footage of the involved officer for all to view.”

To The Washington Post, Council member Craig Rice (D-District 2) said he looked further into the matter after watching the video, and found a longer video which had been obtained by police.

He said, “There’s a little bit of back-and-forth, from what I understand, between the officer and the folks and she ends up repeating something that, again, she shouldn’t have repeated… [but] regardless of what went down. . . . It’s not appropriate for anyone in our workforce.”

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