WATCH: Two Boats on Fire on Seattle’s Lake Union

WATCH: Two Boats on Fire on Seattle's Lake Union

Facebook/KOMO News/Erik Long Fire sends massive plume of smoke over Seattle's Lake Union

According to KOMO News, two boats have caught fire sending huge plumes of smoke over Seattle’s Lake Union.

The video posted to Facebook by KOMO News (courtesy of Erik Long) documents the severeity of the fire.

KOMO News reports firefighters rushed to the scene Friday morning at around 10:25AM PCT. Firefighters were able to contain about 90 percent of the fire by 11AM PCT, using water and foam from the shore and from a fireboat.

Seattle Fire Department spokesperson Lance Garland said fire crews responded in a quick and professional manner.

“Boat fires can be very difficult, so our crews responded very quickly,” he said. “They’re highly trained for this sort of thing, and they did a fantastic job getting down to the boat, getting on the boat and maneuvering through piers and docks with their hose lines.”

The Seattle Times reports Garland said there were no injuries and the cause and amount of damage will be unknown until a thorough investigation is completed.

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