Abigail the Creepy Doll is the Internet’s Latest Celebrity

@thenerdyvixen on Twitter

Twitter user @thenerdyvixen (Marlene) posted a photo of her latest antique store find and Twitter users are universally creeped out.

Marlene has named the doll “Abigail” and is currently documenting her life with her new friend. She bought her a personal bench and found an unidentified stain that she tried to clean.

According to her Instagram page, Marlene is an Esthetician from Kankakee, Illinois. She’s also a self-described makeup enthusiast and cat lover. She runs an Instagram page for her cat Tweety and mostly posts makeup tutorials to her personal page.

Twitter Responds

Twitter users have been either terrified or enamored with Abigail the creepy doll. Marlene’s initial tweet has gotten over 5,700 replies and spawned several new memes and even new Twitter fan accounts for the doll.

While many people responded with hilarious photoshops and other jokes, most people were genuinely concerned about Marlene’s safety. Many users wanted her to “check in” tomorrow in order to prove that the doll had not murdered her.

Marlene has been having fun with Abigail’s unexpected fame and has responded to most of the replies on her original post. She also made Abigail her own Twitter account @abigail_haunted. Abigail has already amassed 2,800 followers since yesterday.

Abigail the Creepy Doll has been one of the top trends on Twitter for the last 24 hour and her fame continues to grow.

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