Alberta, Canada Fire Map: Track Fires & Updates Near Me

Alberta Wildfire

Alberta Wildfire Alberta Wildfire

Fires are still a serious issue in Alberta right now. Read on to see maps of the fires and learn more about what’s happening in Alberta. Remember that fire conditions can change rapidly, so stay tuned to your local news for the latest updates.

Alberta, Canada Fire Maps

The main fire map for Alberta, Canada can be found here. Red fires above are out-of-control. You can see the full map here, but the map is sometimes having trouble loading.

Next is an Alberta wildfire danger map, showing you the areas of greatest danger for May 31:

A simple to read status map for Alberta wildfires is here. The map’s not embeddable, but you can see a screenshot of conditions on June 30 below.

Alberta Wildfire Map

Alberta WildfireAlberta Wildfire Map

Another map for June 30 provided by Alberta Wildfire is below. A full PDF version is here.

Alberta Wildfire

Next are details about individual fires in the Alberta area as of June 30, sectioned off by region.

Calgary Forest Area

Calgary Forest Area: The wildfire danger here is rated low as of June 29, 2019. There are 19 wildfires in this forest protection area, according to Alberta Wildfire, and two are out of control.

Edson Region Fires (EWF043)

Edson Area: The wildfire danger here is currently rated as LOW. This was last updated on June 27 by Alberta Wildfire.  There are zero active wildfires here currently.

Fort McMurray Region

Fort McMurray Area: The wildfire danger here is rated HIGH by Alberta Wildfire. It’s low in the city of Fort McMurray, high in Richardson Back country, high in Fort Chipewyan, and very high in Fort Fitzgerald.

There’s one active wildfire in the area. MWF042 is 1.63 hectares in size, 89 km southwest of Fort McMurray. No communities are at risk.

Grand Prairie Region

Grand Prairie Area: The wildfire danger is low. No fire is listed on their page.

High Level Region

The wildfire danger in High Level is high as of the evening of June 29. Six active wildfires are in this area and three are out of control.

Chuckegg Creek Fire, as of June 29 at 7 p.m. (per Alberta Wildfire), is 331,167 hectares in size.

Alberta Wildfires

Structure protection is in place as a precautionary measure for this fire in Blue Hills and La Crete areas.

Here’s what Alberta Wildfire noted the evening of June 29:

Today, the weather aided the fire suppression efforts and decreased the fire behaviour compared to the last few days. There is recorded precipitation within the fire perimeter which ranged for 0.5mm to 2.5mm. The northern end of the wildfire is fully guarded and mop-up is complete. Firefighters continue to patrol the area. On the west side, the guard is completed and firefighters are continuing with mop-up south of Highway 58. In the south, firefighters have completed the majority of mop-up and will continue to patrol the area. Because of the hard work of the firefighters the north, west, and south is almost complete and resources will be reassigned to other areas of the wildfire. On the eastern side, dozer groups made progress building guard along the fire perimeter from the Peace River towards the Boyer River Cell Tower. Feller bunchers are working 24 hours a day to open a contingency guard south of Devil and Surette Lakes. Heavy equipment is also making progress on the dozer guard located on the west side of the Peace River, northwest of Moose Island. Over 20km of guard has been completed in the above mentioned areas. Firefighters continue to extinguish hotspots, and support the heavy equipment by establishing water delivery, laying hose and mopping-up 100 feet inwards. They are also continuing to apply water 100 feet inwards around the spot fire (from June 17th) located south of Surette Lake and just north of the Peace River.

Jackpot Creek Wildfire: As of June 29 at 7 p.m., this fire is 79,834 hectares in size. Crews are making good progress on hot spots and are reinforcing dozer guards on the east of Highway 35.

Fire HWF091 is under control, 5 km southeast of Fox Lake and 196 hectares in size.

Fire HWF088 is “being held” and it’s 10 km northwest of Hutch Lake and 216 hectares in size.

Unfortunately, smoke is still causing poor air quality and reduced visibility in the area.

Lac La Biche Area

Alberta Wildfire

Lac La Biche Area: Low fire danger. A wildfire is burning in the Lac La Biche Forest area, 55 km south of Fort McMurray and 33 km southeast of Highway 63.

It’s the Kettle Creek Wildfire, but it’s under control It’s 35 km northwest of Janvier and has burned 1,710 hectares.

Peace River Area Is Facing Three Wildfires

Peace River Area: There’s a low wildfire danger here as of June 27, 11 a.m.

Alberta WildfireBattle Complex

The lightning-caused Battle Complex Fire is now under control at 55,179 hectares, Alberta Wildfire noted.

Alberta WildfirePWF 070

PWF 070 is under control at 251 hectares in size, west of Keg River.

Alberta Wildfire

PWF 076 is under control at 37 hectares in Cliffdale (33 km east of St. Isidore, 27 km south of Cadotte Lake.)

Smoke may drift in the area on occasion.

Rocky Mountain House Area

Rocky Mountain House Area: Wildfire danger is low. No wildfires are currently burning in this area.

Slave Lake Area Is Facing the McMillan Wildfire Complex

The Slave Lake Area fire danger is low.

SWF-114 is extinguished.

SWF-102 is extinguished.

Alberta Wildfire

McMillan Complex Fire: As of June 28, fire behavior is minimal. SWF-049 is 273,045 hectares and is “being held” and not expected to grow. Four wildfires total are in this complex. 078 is 137 hectares and under control. 090 is 187 hectares and under control. 099 is extinguished.

Whitecourt Forest Area

Whitecourt Forest Area: Fire danger is low. No fires are currently burning here.

Details & Updates on Evacuations in Alberta from the Fires

According to Alberta’s emergency update and, parts of Mackenzie County are still under a wildfire threat and residents should be prepared to leave on short notice.

How to Stay Updated on Alberta Fires

To stay updated on fire conditions, download the Alberta Emergency Alerts app. You can also learn about evacuations and road closures at the 511 Alberta road reports.

You can stay updated specifically about High Level on their Facebook page.

To stay updated about Mackenzie county, follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

To stay updated on Dene Tha’ First Nation, follow their Facebook page.

For updates on Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement, see their Facebook page.

Subscribe to the Edson Forest Area wildfire update to receive an email when new information is posted about that region.

You can also follow Alberta’s Emergency Alert website here.

Remember that situations and evacuations can change rapidly, so stay tuned to your local news for the latest updates.