Bradley Jenkins: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bradley Jenkins

Illinois Department of Corrections

Bradley Jenkins, 30, is a lieutenant for the Illinois Department of Corrections from Taylorville, Illinois who was charged with third-degree assault on Sunday after his wife, Allissa Martin, was found dead following an alleged altercation between the couple.

Police received a 911 call on Sunday after witnesses saw a woman fall from the ramp of the East Parking Garage just east of Ballpark Village in downtown St. Louis. Police arrived to find Jenkins standing over Martin’s lifeless body, “agitated” and reportedly drunk. Officers initially thought that Allissa had fallen until they found her cell phone on the 7th floor of the garage.

The cellphone camera was still recording and according to Detective Mark West, “The recording showed her pointing the camera toward herself,” he wrote in a probable cause statement. “She then turned the camera toward this defendant and he was shown on camera. They were arguing.”

Martin is heard yelling at Jenkins, telling him to stop punching her in the face before dropping the phone. “Shortly after that, you hear her scream as she falls,” West wrote.

Bradley Jenkins is currently being held on $100,000 cash only bond. Detective West says Jenkins “told me several lies” including that he was not in the parking garage at the time of the incident and that the altercation never got physical. An autopsy is currently being performed to determine the cause of death.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Married Allissa Martin in Las Vegas Two Weeks Ago

Bradley Jenkins and Allissa Martin were married on May 22, just two weeks before her death. According to posts on her Facebook page, the two were married in Las Vegas.

The two Facebook posts announcing the wedding have been flooded with comments responding to Alissa’s murder. There were several “congratulations!” posts before the conversation devolves into finger-pointing, arguing and trolling. Several users pointed out that it was not the time or place for such content. Her sister jumped into the comments to tell people to stop. “GET THE HELL OFF HER PAGE WHAT IS WRONG WITH U PEOPLE I UNDERSTAND ITS PUBLIC AND IN THE NEWS BUT HER FACEBOOK HERRRRRR FACEBOOK ISNT WERE IT NEEDS TO BE MY SISTER HASNT EVEN BEEN LAID PROPERLY TO REST LEAVE UR COMMENTS OFF HER PAGE OUT OF RESPECT FOR HER MOTHER AND MY FATHER PLEASE.”

Many other commenters agreed with her sister and the activity on the page has died down.

2. He’s a Turkey Hunter

According to a post on his dad Steven Jenkins’ Facebook page, he and Bradley are avid turkey hunters. Steven has a post of him and Bradley posing with a dead turkey and several posts of himself training with rifles.

3. Bradley Jenkins and Allissa Martin both worked for the Illinois Department of Corrections

Allissa Jenkins

Jenkins and Martin met in 2018 working as employees of the Illinois Department of Corrections. According to a statement from the department, Jenkins was a lieutenant who has been working there since 2010 and earns $41,400 a year. Allissa Martin was a new corrections officer who was hired in January 2015 and earned $26,200 yearly at the time of her death.

4. Friends say Bradley and Allissa were arguing during a baseball game before her death

Allissa Jenkins Facebook Page

Bradley and Allissa went out Sunday with coworkers to watch Cubs-Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. According to statements coworkers gave to police, the couple was drinking and arguing throughout the game but things never got physical. The fighting intensified after the game and led to the incident at Stadium East Parking Garage right next to Ballpark Village downtown.

5. Bradley was Raising his 4 Kids with Allissa Martin

Allissa Martin Facebook Page

Allissa updated her Facebook cover photo just 3 days before her death to a photo of her, Bradley, and his 4 children. There are several Facebook photos that show the couple doing various activities with his kids including going to the carnival.