Brittany Watts Swalwell, Eric Swalwell’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brittany Swalwell

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Eric Swalwell and his wife, Brittany Watts Swalwell, have only been married since 2016. But she’s right by her husband’s side, supporting him as he runs for President in just the first few years of their marriage. Together they’re raising two young kids and facing life together. Here’s what you need to know about Brittany Swalwell.

1. Eric & Brittany Swalwell Have Two Young Children

Eric and Brittany have two young children, Nelson and Cricket. Nelson is 2 and Cricket is just seven months old. He told Roll Call that when they have to decide between a campaign stop or a family day, she reminds him: “You’re a better member of Congress because we did the family day.”

They often post adorable and funny videos on Twitter of their lives together.

2. Brittany Swalwell Is the National Sales Director for Ritz-Carlton Resort

Brittany is the national sales director for Ritz-Carlton Resort. She’s working full time while Eric runs for President, so it certainly isn’t easy for the two of them. But they’re juggling all their responsibilities admirably.

When they were married in 2016, they got married at the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse in Oakland, Roll Call noted. They had a reception in Livermore. Swalwell proposed at a resort in West Virginia. Swalwell was 35 when they were married. Brittany is two years younger than he is, Mercury News shared.

They had met the year before through mutual friends, Roll Call shared. Twelve years before their friends set them up, Eric had set those friends up with each other. So everything came back around in a pretty cute way.

3. Brittany Once Urged Eric to Attend an ACA Vote Even If It Meant He Might Miss His Son’s Birth

For Eric, deciding to possibly miss a session in Congress so he could be there for the birth of his son was an easy decision, Esquire shared. Nothing was more important than being there for his son’s birth. But Brittany didn’t want him to miss a vote about the ACA in 2017, so she insisted that he go. He made it back within three hours of his son’s birth.

Eric told Esquire: “I remind my wife of that and she reminds me of that: that she was willing to sacrifice me missing our son’s birth then because she saw from a doctor who cared a lot about her patients what was on the line, and this is a big sacrifice for our family now, but we think there’s a lot on the line and we think that we could help.”

4. Their Family Life Helps Them Relate to What Americans Face

Eric said that because of their current situation, they have a front row for many of the issues that families are facing today. “We have a responsibility to talk about them,” he told Roll Call.

“We’re just trying to survive,” Brittany said light-heartedly about raising the kids. “Who’s feeding who, who’s changing who, who’s putting who down…” She said they share the roles of parenting completely.

She once wrote on his Twitter account: “Brittany here! Eric is my husband & he is the most genuine person I’ve ever met & I believe that he can genuinely change our country for the better. He always fights for what he knows is right (that can be tough as his wife) but I know that he is right to lead our nation.”

5. They’re Both in This to Ensure Their Children’s Future

“We’re doing this for our kids and everyone else’s kids,” he told Roll Call. They even take the kids on the campaign trail with them.

Eric said he feels for women candidates who have children, because their jobs are even tougher than his.

And he has the utmost respect for his wife – and the feeling’s mutual. Brittany’s right with him on the campaign trail, supporting him every step of the way.