Leaked Chicago Police Video Shows Brittany Hill Gunned Down Holding Her 1-Year-Old Baby

Brittany Hill, 24, shielded her baby, saving the 1-year-old’s life, but Hill lost her own to gun violence in Chicago Tuesday. Now, with two men in jail facing charges in connection with her killing, a graphic and horrific video that was part of the Chicago Police Department’s evidence in the murder investigation was leaked and has been shared online.

Heavy has reviewed the full video, which many would find disturbing. Only the edited version from CBS Chicago appears in this post.

The full, unedited video leaked by someone with access to police digital files, has been posted online in a number of locations including Twitter and YouTube.

“We are taking this video release very seriously & working to establish its origin as this family deserves better. 2 men were arrested by CPD last week & this case is now before a criminal court. We have conferred with @CookCountySAO & opened an investigation,” Chicago Police Department spokesman AJ Guglielmi tweeted.

The official statement from the CPD reads: “The access, handling and retention of evidence in criminal investigations is of the utmost importance to the Chicago Police Department. The defendants in this case have been arrested in the case and evidence or now before criminal court. As a result of this on authorized video release, we have notified the states attorneys office and also opened an investigation to determine who electronically access the video and whether anything was released or compromised on the CPD’s end.”

Two Men Are in Custody Charged in the Daylight Drive-By Shooting That Claimed Hill’s Life

It was just before 9 a.m. Tuesday morning. Hill was speaking with her boyfriend in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood when a silver car drove up and shots rang out. Hill appears to be shot right away. She tries to get away but struggles in the chaos while shielding her baby. She stumbles, but makes it behind a parked car and then falls to the street, clutching her child to her body.

Moments later, a car pulls up and two men jump out. They carry her and put her in their car to rush her to a nearby hospital. Her baby daughter, sitting alone in the street soon gets to her feet but is picked up and cared for by an elderly man some have reported was related to the baby.

Hill was pronounced dead at 9:25 a.m.

According to CBS Chicago, the leaked CPD video evidence is from a city CCTV camera. The outlet reported a CPD spokesperson say, “We have notified the state’s attorney’s office and opened an investigation to determine who electronically accessed the video and whether anything was released or compromised.”

Police charged Michael Washington, 39, and Eric Adams, 23, in connection with Hill’s death.

“Breaking overnight: #ChicagoPolice & @UrbanaPD arrest 23 yo Eric Adams & 39 yo Michael Washington for the heinous murder of Brittany Hill who was shot Tues while holding her young daughter. Hill shielded the infant with her body while being fired upon. Court @ 9a 26th /California.”

The Shocking Murder Captured on Video & Shared on Social Media Has Led to Condolences & Outrage. Many Say Hill Died a Hero Saving Her Child

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“That video of Brittany Hill is so sad. I hate I even watched that. Prayers for her baby ?”

On Facebook, people are calling Hill, who was also mother to a young son, a hero.

“I respect her so much and she definitely got Mom of the year! She lost her life shielding over her daughter so she wouldn’t get shot as well. I saw the video and cried my gosh it was so horrible to watch it really breaks my heart that she had to go through this and these kids don’t have a mother ? RIP to Brittany Hill baby girl you died a hero ??”

“Man that brittany hill video got my head messed up she died protecting her baby….So sad rest in peace…?? #ReallyChicago”

“RIP Brittany Hill. Smh. May the angels wrap their arms around your baby the same way you did, with everything in the. You are a true angel. Lord give me to strength to release this anger I feel and the wisdom and heart of forgiveness. Forgive me lord but I hate these cowards I hate this America I hate what we are seeing today. This mother died in her baby girls arms. Shielding her from gun fire. Heal her family hearts lord. My sincere condolences. And those of yall sharing the video for likes and clout, you’re disgusting this isn’t a meme or a the next viral video. This mothers baby girl watched her mother die.”

Hill is Being Remembered by Family & Friends & First Loves

Hundreds have taken to social media to ask why.

“I don’t know what hurts more the fact that you left us days after we laughed with you on the phone and told you we love you or the fact that the love of my life is hurting so bad right now. We have cried all morning. We will miss you Brittany Hill may you rest in paradise ? gone too soon. I will never look at Chicago the same after this. A high school alumni as well Curie Condor ❤

“RIP Baby girl…?????? #FirstLove #FirstGirlfriend #ElementarySweetHeart Brittany Hill #I #Love #You ???”

“So sad R.I.P Brittany Hill I luv you and you will forever be missed but not forgotten ?”

“Wtf?????? y would you do this? rip Brittany Hill”