Christine Cardona, Etika’s Ex-Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Christine Cardona, Etika's Ex-Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

@TheAlicePika/Twitter Etika and his ex-girlfriend Christine Cardona also known as Alice Pika.

Famous YouTuber, Desmond Amofah, who went by the name Etika online, has been found dead in New York’s East River, police said Tuesday.

Etika was suffering from a self-diagnosed mental illness prior to his death, as a now-deleted YouTube video has been circulating the video-sharing website. The video shows Eitka talking into the camera sharing the realities of his mental struggles.

“I really had no intention of killing myself,” Etika said. “But I’d always push it too far. I guess I am mentally ill.”

Etika was dating Christine Cardona at the time. Here’s what you need to know about the YouTube star’s former girlfriend:

1. Cardona Said Their Relationship Was Not Easy Towards the End of Etika’s Life

According to Inside Edition, Cardona said her relationship was rocky towards the end of Etika’s life.

“He’s never admitted he has a problem,” Cardona, 26, said. “He’s always seemed to deny the existence of mental health disorders. Our relationship, it wasn’t easy.”

Etika, 29 at the time of his death, came out prior to his disappearance in April to confront his battle with mental health disorders.

“I really had no intention of killing myself,” Etika said in a YouTube video. “But I’d always push it too far. I guess I am mentally ill.”

2. Prior to Etika’s Disappearance, Cardona Spent a Whole Day Observing Her Boyfriend’s Mental State

Cardona last saw Etika in April, just before he disappeared, according to Inside Edition. She spent a whole day with him after he sent her illegible texts and posted disturbing tweets.

“I was concerned so I went over to his house and the whole day was [spent] observing his mental state,” she said.

Cardona also said Etika was in and out of the hospital throughout their relationship which lasted from 2011-2017.

3. Just like Etika, Cardona Was Also a Gamer Who Went by the Name Alice Pika

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Etika, who was active on Twitch as well as YouTube, vlogged regularly about video game news and updates.

His ex-girlfriend, Christine Cardona went by the moniker Alice Pika on Twitch, as she was also an avid gamer.

She describes herself as a mental health advocate, vlogger, model and cosplayer, according to her Twitter account.

4. Prior to Etika’s Death, Cardona Had Hope Her Ex-Boyfriend Was Going to Take His Mental Health Seriously

Cardona was optimistic about Etika’s mental state after his disappearance and prior to his eventual death. Although the cause of Etika’s death is still unknown, Cardona held hope about her ex-boyfriend’s health.

“He’s in pain but not harmed, I’m sure of it,” she tweeted. “Have faith that he’s gonna take his health seriously.”

The tweet was full of hope as it featured several photos of Etika playing with Cardona’s cat.

“Hope these pictures can bring some positivity to this dark situation,” she tweeted.

5. Cardona Wants Etika’s ‘Funeral to Be as Big as His Personality’

Cardona, has taken to Twitter to express her emotions after finding out about the death of her ex-boyfriend.

“I want his funeral to be as big as his personality, his heart, and his spirit. I loved him. He is finally at peace,” she tweeted after finding out about Etika’s death.

Cardona maintained hope on her ex-boyfriend after he disappeared. “I refuse to give up hope,” she tweeted on the night before the police confirmed Etika’s death. 

She also felt a little hopeless trying to sort through the thoughts running through her mind last night as she posted to Twitter she was feeling alone.

“I don’t know what to do. How am I supposed to sleep. I should be messaging my friends, but I’m so tired of repeating the same things over. I wish someone were here to hug me. I feel so alone,” she tweeted.

Cardona seems to be at peace, as she is focused on making Etika’s funeral the best it can be.



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