Colby Glen Larue: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Colby Glen Larue

MCSO Colby Glen Larue

Employees at a Winn Dixie supermarket in Ocala, Florida said Colby Glen Larue came into the store Wednesday morning “asking us to call the sheriff so he could turn himself in.” They had no idea what Larue had allegedly just done. They told him to “walk over to the sheriff’s office.” He did and turned himself in saying he’d shot and killed his mother and the family dog before setting the house ablaze, police say.

Firefighters in Ocklawaha, Florida responded at 3 a.m. to a house fire and after working for hours to extinguish the blaze, found a body “inside the charred remains.”

Police in Marion County say Larue came into the Sheriff’s district office in Ocala National Forest and confessed to a deputy that he “shot his mother and then set the home on fire with her inside …”

According to police and local media reports, Larue, 22, claimed he became paranoid that someone was coming to “rape or harm his mother” after watching “YouTube videos Tuesday evening.”

Which videos he was watching that led him to that conclusion was not reported.

Larue was held without bond on arson and murder charges.

Her’s what you need to know:

1. Police Say Larue Shot His Mother, Set His House on Fire & Then Rowed Away Across a Lake to A Nearby Home & Was Chased Off

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office first wrote that deputies and and Marion County Fire Rescue were “working a fatal fire.” Later in the day came the update.

“Upon extinguishing the blaze, a body was discovered inside the charred remains. Marion County Sheriff’s Office Detectives responded and began their investigation.”

Shortly after, the sheriff’s office reported that Larue walked into the sheriff’s department and admitted to killing his mother and his dog, and then setting his mattress in fire and he then “boarded a boat in the backyard and rowed across a lake to a bonfire at another home, where he was told to leave before he ran shirtless into a wooded area,” WFTV reported from charging documents.

Investigators said he “walked to a Winn-Dixie grocery store and asked a homeless man wearing an eye patch for a shirt before walking to the district office, where he surrendered to deputies.”

On the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post on the incident, a woman who identified herself as a Winn Dixie employee, Erin Kelly Collins wrote that Larue, “He came into WD this morning asking us to call the sheriff so he could turn himself in. We had no idea that he had done this. We told him to walk over to the Sheriffs office. Thank God he did!”

Collins said, Larue “…showed no emotion what so ever.”

Another person said he came to a dollar store and asked an employee to open the store for him.

“He came to family dollar wanting me to open the store so he could clean up,” Elizabeth Hummel wrote.

Neither of these accounts are confirmed by police.

2. Paranoia That ‘Someone Would Rape or Harm his Mother’ Led to the Killing, Larue Told Investigators

A local media report on the police affidavit said Larue told investigators that “while watching YouTube videos Tuesday evening, he grew paranoid that someone would rape or harm his mother.”

The report reads that Larue “grabbed a shotgun, but it was not working, so he grabbed a handgun and began pacing on the ground floor of the home.”

The report goes on to read that, “Limbaugh was awakened and walked downstairs, where Larue said he shot Limbaugh and his bulldog in the head twice each …Larue advised he killed his mother because he was protecting her from individuals who were supposedly coming to harm her.”

3. Witnesses Described Encounters With Larue, Who Police Said Had No Previous Criminal Record

According to interviews with witnesses by WFTV, Larue approached their home after rowing across a lake to their residence.

A woman named Brittany Grant told a reporter that Larue “…just slowly starts walking up, and it was like Michael Myers.” She said her boyfriend “grabbed a golf club and ran toward Larue to ask him who he was and why he was on their property.”

It’s reported Larue said: “‘I’m Colby! I’m Colby! …I’m just trying to figure out my life, man.'”

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said Larue has no previous criminal record. He previously lived and worked in Atlanta and Oakwood, Georgia, according to his social media.

He was charged with homicide and first-degree arson, online jail records show.

4. Angela Limbaugh Had Just a Year Ago Announced a New Job at a Ocala Dentist’s Office & Staff There Are Devastated

Limbaugh proudly shared on Facebook an announcement a year ago to the day that she had landed a job at a local dentist’s office.

Limbaugh wrote that she’d begun work at the Ocala office of Gregory A Parker DDS, PA on June 18, 2018.

Thursday, staff at Parker’s office wrote they were heartbroken.

“Rest In Peace our sweet Angel-Angela Limbaugh. Our hearts are breaking, we miss you.”

5. Family of Angela Limbaugh Are Distraught

Close family are at once in shock and grieving.

“Heartbroken…?…In need of some prayers ???for our (hubby) extended family and a devastating time they are going thru!!!!”