Cory Booker & Rosario Dawson: Are They Getting Married?

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Cory Booker has gushed about his girlfriend, the actress Rosario Dawson, in a series of interviews. He even confessed to writing Dawson love songs.

The bachelor presidential candidate has, thus, certainly not made a secret of his feelings for the actress. However, is marriage in the cards? It’s possible. If recent comments that Booker has made on television shows are any indication, it might be more than possible.

Cory Booker would possibly be a bachelor president, if elected, but he wouldn’t be the first. Two people were elected president while single, and one, James Buchanan, stayed that way in office. Booker, the U.S. Senator from New Jersey, is currently running for office as a single man. He will take the stage on June 26, 2019 in the first half of the first Democratic debate.

Here’s what Cory Booker has said about possibly marrying Rosario Dawson:

Cory Booker Has Hinted That a Wedding Could Be in His Future

Did Sen. Cory Booker Just Hint That He and Rosario Dawson Will Soon Be Engaged?While visiting RuPaul, Cory Booker reminded the audience that there is some time until the next presidential inauguration… and by then he might be a married man!2019-06-12T20:48:59.000Z

First, Booker revealed he was dating Dawson. Then he upped the ante, implying in different television appearances that he might marry her. Asked on RuPaul’s show whether he planned to make Rosario his wife, Booker implied it was possible, saying, “Well the swearing-in isn’t until the 21st of January 2021. You never know what might happen between now and then.” He even claimed on the show that he writes her love poems, saying, “She inspires me.”

Booker also discussed the possibility of White House wedding bells during a CNN Town Hall. He declared that both he and his mother were “hopeful” about that possibility, but that it was still somewhat premature. “I have an incredible girlfriend. She’s just simply amazing, and I am hopeful, as is my mother,” Booker said on CNN, but he indicated people should “not get ahead” of ourselves.

Dawson has also confirmed she’s dating Cory Booker. “He’s a wonderful human being, it’s good to spend some time together when we can,” she said, according to USA Today.

According to People Magazine, Booker recently asked Ellen DeGeneres: Would you help preside over the wedding?” He told Ellen of Dawson: “She’s a deeply soulful person and has taught me a lot of lessons about love already. Sometimes you show the greatest strength when you make yourself vulnerable. She really has this nurturing spirit that has made me more courageous, not just in the love that I project and want to see in our country, but I think even in our personal relationships — to love more fearlessly.”

This all came after some secrecy at first.

According to Page Six, Cory Booker met Rosario Dawson “at a political fundraiser for Ben Jealous, former president of the NAACP.”

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Rosario Dawson (Getty)

“I was trying to help him out, but she didn’t give me the time of day,” Booker said during the CNN town hall. “So we met again, and I had one of those really awkward experiences. I’m a United States senator, and I had to get up the courage to walk up to her and ask her for her phone number. And this doesn’t make me nervous, but that made me nervous.”

She did give him her number.

“She is an incredible girlfriend,” Booker said. “I’m very lucky to be in a relationship with someone who is just so incredibly special, but more importantly has taught me so much in a very short period of time.

On February 5, 2019, Booker confirmed he has a girlfriend, but he didn’t name her. “I’m dating somebody that’s really special… I’ve got a boo,” he revealed. When asked if he planned to marry the woman, he said, according to ClickOnDetroit, “Please, what have we gotten myself into right now, man! All the issues we’ve talked about, this is the most uncomfortable part of this interview.”

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GettyRosario Dawson and Cory Booker. Will she become his wife?

Cory Anthony Booker was born on April 27, 1969, making him age 49 at the time of the campaign announcement and 50 at the time of debate one. You can see a list of Booker’s reported girlfriends throughout the years here.

Two American presidents were not married when they were elected to the office: Grover Cleveland and James Buchanan. However, according to The Root, Grover Cleveland, while a bachelor at the time of his election, married while he was in the White House. The Root also reports that Chester Arthur was a widower when he was elected president.

Buchanan’s niece filled the role of First Lady.