Shooting at Costco in Corona, California: One Person Dead [VIDEO]

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Police are responding to reports of a shooting at a Costco in Corona, California tonight. One person is reported to have died of a gunshot wound after arguing with the suspect, and other reports indicated that some people may have suffered minor injuries from a stampede of people trying to escape. Here’s what we know so far. This is a developing story.

The shooting was reported at a Costco in Corona, California on the 400 block of McKinley. Corona Police Lt. Jeff Edwards said that the suspect was arguing with a man, and that man was shot and killed. Three more people were injured, two with gunshot wounds. The suspect has been detained.

Here is a clip from the police briefing.

Corona Police said early on that the shooting incident is “stabilized” and there was no threat to the community.

ABC 7 reported that multiple witnesses said they heard gunshots while shopping at the Costco. It’s located at 480 N. McKinley. Costco employees are standing outside their store, waiting for word from the police on what they can do next.

Witnesses said that a man with a Mohawk haircut was seen arguing with a woman who had a child, and that’s when witnesses heard up to eight gunshots, Fox 26 News reported.

Here’s a video from KTVU Fox 2. The embed below does not always work, but you can find the video here if it’s not playing. This is a livestream from earlier right after the shooting happened.

Here is the location of the Costco:

Witnesses said that shoppers started stampeding to the exits when they heard gunshots, and this may have caused some injuries, Fox 26 News reported.

Some witnesses said the panic got worse when shoppers found some doors they were trying to leave through locked, ABC 7 reported.

There is a large police response at the Costco.

Here is another live video from right after the shooting. This one is provided by ABC 7.


Here is a live video provided by CBS 47:

People with friends and family at Costco have turned to social media to share what’s happening.

A woman in the produce section said she heard six to seven shots.

Here’s a look at the police presence at Costco.

A witness said he saw customers fleeing from Costco and so he hid behind a tree with his family.

Brian Rokos with the Press-Enterprise said that police and fire are staged at the Home Depot next to the Costco.


This is a developing story.

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