Second Democratic Debate: Best Memes, Tweets & Reactions


Tonight, June 27, 2019, was the second Democratic debate. From Pete Buttigieg calling out Republican Christians, to Kamala Harris taking on Joe Biden, to Biden freaking out about Bernie Sanders’ hand, there were a lot of moments to remember. Here’s a look back at what happened, shared through the best memes and tweets about the debate.

This first tweet might sum up the debate well:

Some people liked how Joe Biden went after Trump almost immediately.

And Pete Buttigieg won the contest for who spoke Spanish first.

Others had no idea who some of the candidates were.

The “pass the torch” comment will be remembered.

And Bernie’s expressions will be tough to forget.

Things got out of hand quick, but it was entertaining.

And Marianne Williamson caught some attention.

Kamala Harris did a great job tonight. Her fight with Biden was fire.

And that moment when Buttigieg called out Republican Christians on their hypocrisy…

Then there was this moment between Biden and Bernie.

Biden certainly was the source of a lot of anger.

But at some points, it was Kamala Harris who stole the show.

But Andrew Yang didn’t wear a tie and that got a lot of attention (along with his unique UBI idea.)

This did happen quite a lot:

And maybe Marianne Williamson will be the surprise candidate who takes everything.

Her comment here was amusing.

Then there was Bernie’s moment after the debate.

This is a developing story.