Nine-Alarm Fire in Dorchester, Boston Spreads to Multiple Buildings: Map, Photos & Videos

Fire in Dorchester Boston

Boston Fire Department Fire in Dorchester Boston

If you’re seeing smoke today in the Boston area, it’s because of a large fire that started in a vacant building and has grown and spread. A nine-alarm fire has been reported in the Dorchester, Boston are that has possibly spread to at least seven other buildings. So far, no injuries have been reported. Read on to learn what we know so far about the fire and to see photos and videos.

The fire started on 39 Old Morton Street on Saturday afternoon in a vacant building and has quickly grown, spreading to nearby buildings, the Boston Fire Department has said.

The fire spread quickly to three buildings and scanners indicate it may have spread to as many as seven buildings. The fire is still burning at this time and crews are working to slow it down.

There’s so much smoke that it’s tough to see nearby.

Officials are asking drivers to seek routes that don’t go near the fire, as traffic is currently delayed. The map below shows the general vicinity of the fire. (Note that the original map we shared showed 39 Morton Street, not 39 Old Morton Street. The fire is at 39 Old Morton Street and the map has been corrected.)

Here are photos of the fire, showing the buildings affected. These photos were shared by the Boston Fire Department.

Boston Fire Department

Boston Fire Department

Here you can see firew crews trying to stop the fire’s spread.

Another set of photos from 7 News:

And video:

This is a developing story.