Jenna Jacobsen, NY Woman ‘Lured’ to Florida & Killed, Cops Say

Jenna Jacobsen

Instagram/Jenna Jacobsen Jenna Jacobsen pictured on her Instagram page in December 2018.

Jenna Jacobsen is the New York woman who was found dead in Lantana, Florida, after the rehab center she was attending closed suddenly. Jacobsen’s death is being investigated as a homicide, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

On June 2, the bones found in Lantana, south of West Palm Beach, were confirmed as belonging to Jacobsen, 20. Her cause of death has not been made public. The medical examiner said that Jacobsen died of “undetermined means.” Jacobsen was first reported missing on May 21. When Jacobsen was last seen, she was wearing blue jean shorts, a white T-shirt and black sandals in the 700 block of South H Street in Lake Worth Beach. Jacobsen had the word “serenity” tattooed on her wrist. Anybody with any information in the case is asked to call 1-800-458-TIPS.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Jacobsen Was Supposed to Check-In to a New Rehab Facility But She Never Made it

Jenna Jacobsen dad

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Jacobsen, a native of East Islip, New York, arrived in Florida to receive treatment at a rehab facility in Broward County, Florida on April 25. That facility shut down and Jacobsen was supposed to check-in to a different facility in West Palm Beach. She never made it.

Speaking to WPTV, Jacobsen’s father, Chris Jacobsen, said, “I came down here to find my daughter and I did — however, we found her deceased… Please bring them to justice so she can rest easy and we can have closure on this. To be victimized like this is just beyond words that I can explain.”

2. Jacobsen Aspired to Be a Vet

Jenna Jacobsen Facebook page

Facebook/Jenna Jacobsen

Chris Jacobsen also said that his daughter was “an extremely kind, loving young woman.” He added that his daughter had plans to go to college and to become a vet.

Chris Jacobsen said in his interview with WPTV that his daughter made it as far as Lake Worth Beach en route to her new facility but got into an “altercation, and she disappeared.” As the search went on for his daughter, Chris Jacobsen decamped to the Sunshine State to aid in the search.

3. Jacobsen’s Aunt Says Her Niece Was ‘Lured’ to Florida

Jenna Jacobsen Dead

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

One family member, Jacobsen’s aunt, Jean Jacobsen, told Newsday that her niece had been trying to kick her opioid habit at a facility in New Jersey when she was “lured” to Florida. Jacobsen’s aunt said that facilities in Florida sold themselves as offering drug recovery among “sunshine and palm trees.” Jean Jacobson continued, “She was trying to get to a good place and she ended up in a bad neighborhood.”

4. When Jacobsen Was Last Seen in Florida, She Was With a Wanted Man From New York

Jenna Jacobsen Instagram page

Instagram/Jenna Jacobsen

WPBF reported that Jenna Jacobsen was spotted in an area known for drug use with a 26-year-old man, identified by the station as Zachary Davis. The station says that the man had an arrest warrant out from New York. He was taken into custody.

Newsday reports that Jacobsen traveled to Florida with a man she met in a rehab facility in New Jersey. That report also says that Jacobsen’s family did not know that she had enrolled in rehab in New Jersey. The newspaper goes on to say that Davis and Jacobsen had their airfare to Florida paid for by a “patient broker,” someone paid to bring people to facilities.

5. Jacobsen’s Sister Paid Tribute Saying Jenna Was ‘One of the Strongest People’

Chris Jacobsen Facebook page

Facebook/Chris Jacobsen

Jacobsen’s sister, Jillian, told WPBF, “Jenna was a great person. She was really kind. She has been through a lot. She is really brave and one of the strongest people I know. We are all at a loss of words. I don’t think we believed it at first. She was always in contact with us,; she knows our numbers. There is no reason why she would not have called,; she always does. It was very weird. I just hope that whoever was involved and did this to her gets caught.”

Jacobsen was a 2017 graduate of East Islip High School. One of the final updates on Jacobsen’s Facebook page says that she worked in catering for Timber Point Country Club Restaurant & Catering.

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