Justin Trudeau Remains On Stage During Shooting at Raptors Day Parade

Global News Justin Trudeau at Raptors Day Parade

As reports of a shooting taking place at the Toronto Raptors victory parade, and included in the 2 million in attendance to celebrate the Toronto Raptors 2018 NBA Finals win was Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

In the midst of the afternoon, the Toronto Police Operations Centre wrote on Twitter: “SHOOTING: Nathan Phillip’s Square – Reports of woman shot – People running from area – Police/EMS are on scene – Unknown what the injuries are” — which police later confirmed none of which turned out to be life-threatening.

Trudeau was warmly welcomed to the massive crowd at Nathans Phillips Square celebrating the Raptors championship season, but when reports of the shooting took place, and video showed a stampede of people running away, while many expected the Prime Minister to be quickly whisked away to safety, he remained on stage.

The fact that Trudeau was not quickly and forcibly removed from his public position during the shooting, led people to be people the threat was not a massive concern. Beforehand, Trudeau was seen backstage laughing it up and chatting with Raptors star player, Kyle Lowry.

Bruce Arthur, a Toronto Star sports reporter, wrote, “Gunshots fired at the parade at the back south east corner of Nathan Phillips Square. One witness said four shots. Crowd ran. There is a victim down being given medical attention, surrounded by a crowd, and police are clearing people from the area. Speeches are still going on.” Videos also showed a large law enforcement response to the scene. There are times in breaking shooting situations where early reports can be wrong or conflict. Authorities have not provided additional details at this time.”

It was later confirmed by police that two victims were injured during the shooting, there no were no casualties, and that two people are now in custody.

Toronto’s mayor John Tory, who renamed a street Raptors Way, was on stage with Trudeau for the massive celebratory parade, as was Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, the latter of whom’s presence on stage was met with resounding boos from the public celebration’s attendees.

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