Kristian Cardenas: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kristian Cardenas

Kristian Cardenas Facebook Page

Kristian Cardenas, 18, is a hair and makeup artist from Lubbock, Texas who recently went viral after posting a text conversation on Twitter from one of her clients who fired her for being gay.

On June 12th, she received a text from an unnamed person that inquired about her makeup services for an upcoming wedding. “Your friend gave me your contact info. You did her wedding and I was wondering if you could give me prices for my wedding.” Kristian provided her pricing and linked to her Facebook page. Her unnamed client said she had some questions and asked Kristian if she was gay. When Kristian said yes, the woman replied “Oh I don’t want a gay person doing my wedding” then proceeds to admonish Kristian for her life choices and tell her homosexuality is a sin.

The tweet went viral shortly after she posted it, amassing over 312,000 likes and 71,000 retweets on Twitter. She received an outpouring of support from people on social media across all her accounts who defended her response and offered words of encouragement. “So lemme get this straight… she damned you to hell but then said she doesn’t want you in her church…” @meeceaaliyah
replied, “People like this are the reason Christianity is looked down upon. I’m so sorry this person spoke to you this way. I promise we aren’t all like this! You’re loved. ?”

Many of the users were asking for the phone number and personal information of the woman who fired her for her sexual preferences but Kristian refused because she “didn’t want to be hateful like she was”.

Here’s what you need to know:

1.  Kristian Cardenas is a Young Entrepreneur

Kristian is a freelance makeup and hair artist and owner of Makeup & Hair by Kristen. She provides professional makeup and hair styling for brides and private clients in the Lubbock, TX area. According to her Facebook Page, she is self-taught and has “6+ years of experience doing hair and makeup!” Although most of her posts feature bride clients she says she “will do makeup or hair for any event!”

Her business page has been flooded with positive comments from supporters since her post went viral on Twitter.

2. She Goes to Texas Tech

Kristian Cardenas is currently a student at Texas Tech. She has several posts on social media rocking Red Raiders gear and supporting the team during their recent NCAA Championship Run.

3. She received an outpouring of support following the incident

In addition to the 5,900 replies to her viral tweet on Twitter, Kristian had people from all over sending support. Elysia Hernandez sent support from the entire team at Benefit Cosmetics Boutique in Dallas, Texas that read “We welcome you with open arms and hope we can meet you one day! We love who you are, so please don’t change your mind.”

Her followers increased substantially for her Makeup & Hair by Kristen Page on Facebook and her old Instagram posts are peppered with strangers sending love and kind words her way.

Kristian has smartly used the attention to promote her business. She’s been reposting makeup videos and photos and linking back to her business page on Facebook.

4. She’s a Big Sports Fan

In addition to being a Texas Tech fan, Kristian is a big supporter of several other Texas teams. She posted several times about her love for the Dallas Cowboys. Including after Dez Bryant’s controversial catch that was eventually called incomplete during a 2016 playoff game against the Green Bay Packers.

When it comes to basketball, she’s a dedicated San Antonio Spurs fan. Kristian reposted a crazy video from a Spurs Game in 2015 that shows a raucous crowd all chanting in unison.

She’s also a women’s sports fan and has tweeted in support of the women’s national team’s recent 13-0 victory over Thailand.

5. She has 3 Sisters

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According to her Instagram account, Kristian Cardenas has 3 sisters, Mickayla, Samantha, and Gabby.