Your Must-See News Headlines for Today, June 20

xbox outages

Several of our apps and online services have been going down recently, including widespread outages on Xbox Live and Hulu yesterday, and Google Calendar earlier this week.

Researchers have discovered a new cat species, but it’s not the kind you’d want as a house pet! And the parents of Little League baseball players lost their minds over a call by the umpire and video of the uproar that ensued has gone viral.

Here’s what you need to know in your daily roundup:

TOP STORY: Reddit, Hulu & Xbox Live Are Back Online After Widespread Outages in the U.S.

What’s up with all of the recent online outages? Hulu, Xbox Live, and Reddit all went down for several hours on Wednesday. There were tens of thousands of reports of issues on Down Detector. The problems were resolved by the end of the night, but it’s unclear what caused the issues in the first place. Xbox Live shared on Twitter that their tech teams were “investigating error code 0x87DD0006,” but didn’t provide details as to what might have happened.

On Tuesday, Google Calendar went down for many users in the United States and across the globe for several hours. That outage prompted a lot of jokes and memes about it being “break time” since workers could not access the calendar.

Playstation also experienced outages last week during the E3 conference. And Instagram went down globally last week as well.

Digital Trends reported that it’s unlikely that all of the platforms had identical issues. But the technology website added that the “recent spate of outages could be a bad omen for the cloud-focused future of gaming.”

WHAT’S BUZZING THAT HAS EVERYONE TALKING: Tension Between Parents Escalated Into an All-Out Brawl at a Little League Baseball Game

Police in Lakewood, Colorado said they were “disgusted” by the violence that erupted during a Little League baseball game last weekend. Parents threw punches at each other on the baseball diamond after they apparently disagreed about a call that the umpire had made. (The umpire, by the way, was just 13 years old). The players, all of whom are about 7 years old, watched the melee. Someone in the stands recorded the incident and the Lakewood Police Department shared it on Facebook.

Several of the people involved in the fight are facing charges of disorderly conduct. Police shared on social media that they were looking to identify the man in the video wearing a white shirt and teal shorts, who was seen on camera repeatedly punching someone over the head. To read more, including reactions to the fight, click here.

OFF-BEAT: Researchers Discovered a New Species of Feline on a Mediterranean Island

What Is a Cat-Fox?

GettyA picture taken on June 12, 2019 in Asco on the French Mediterranean island of Corsica shows a cat-fox.

The animal in the picture above looks adorable, but it may not be the type of cat you’d want to cuddle! Scientists say the animal is a nocturnal hunter and according to RT, may be large enough to take down sheep.

The animal is called a cat-fox. It has been living on Corsica, a French island in the Mediterranean, for centuries. But it had never been identified until recently when scientists were finally able to track a few of them and run DNA tests. Researchers have determined that the cat-fox is a never-before-identified cat species.

However, despite its name, it is NOT a cross between a cat and a fox! The cat-fox is named because of the appearance of its tail, and its size. The animal can grow to about 35 inches long from head to tail with highly-developed canine teeth. Read more here.


CHECK THIS OUT: Scuba Diver Escapes Giant Octopus

This may make you think twice about jumping in the water! A Russian diver named Mayak Gamov was exploring around the Sea of Japan when his swim was interrupted by a giant octopus.

The octopus is seen wrapping itself around Gamov, and then appears to be trying to drag him down to the ocean floor. Luckily, Gamov managed to free himself and head toward the surface while the octopus just swam away.

Live Science describes the octopus as being a curious creature. But Australian news outlet also says that the octopus tends to be shy around humans.

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