Your Must-See News Headlines for Today, June 11

U.S. Department of Agriculture Tyson chicken fritters label

Tyson Foods issues a massive recall for chicken fritters, that could have been served at your child’s school, after learning that some of the bags contained pieces of hard plastic. An elementary school student in California paid for his class’s lunch debt using his own allowance. And there’s a video of a baby elephant learning to walk that you just have to see!

Here’s what you need to know in your daily roundup:

TOP STORY: Tyson Recalls Chicken Fritters After Plastic was Found In the Food

Tell your kids not to eat the chicken fritters! Tyson Foods has issued a recall for more than 190,000 pounds of the frozen products after schools reported that the food may contain pieces of hard plastic.

The chicken fritters were produced on February 28 and distributed nationwide, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The bags include the following label: “FULLY COOKED, WHOLE GRAIN GOLDEN CRISPY CHICKEN CHUNK FRITTERS-CN” and the case code was 0599NHL02.

The USDA says that while the chicken fritters were not sold in retail stores, the department is concerned that school and other institutions may still have the bags in their freezers and could inadvertently serve the contaminated food to students. The department said in a news release that “these products should be thrown away or returned to the place of purchase.” Tyson says that the company has not received any reports of illnesses or injuries as a result of the plastic.

WHAT’S BUZZING THAT HAS EVERYONE TALKING: A Meteorologist in Illinois Criticized His TV Station During a Live Broadcast & the Clip Went Viral

217problemsJoe Crain Code Red2019-06-07T02:40:54.000Z

Meteorologist Joe Crain of ABC affiliate WICS-TV was not a fan of his TV station’s “Code Red” weather alert system. He agreed with frustrated viewers in Springfield, Illinois, who felt the alerts were overly zealous and did not always accurately reflect the true nature of the threats. The State Journal-Register printed a complaint from one viewer, Victor Edwards, who complained that “any cloud in the sky will warrant a ‘code red'” and that the frequent alerts made him and other viewers “skeptical of anything the weather people say.”

Crain criticized the system during a live broadcast on June 5: “It’s not the perfect solution because, of course, with ‘Code Red’ it’s all-inclusive. It doesn’t recognize that not all storms are created equal.” Crain said he preferred how the National Weather Service tracks weather threats, with a color-coded scale that analyzes the intensity of the storm by area. He also referred to the system as a “corporate initiative.”

The reaction from his employers was swift. Crain has not delivered the forecast since that day and WICS-TV has not clarified whether he will keep his job. However, the station’s general manager now says that the “Code Red” system has been renamed to “Weather Warn.”

You can read more about Joe Crain and the reaction to his statements about the “Code Red” weather alert system by clicking here.

OFF-BEAT: A South Carolina Mom Confronted Third Graders At Her Son’s School About Bullying

Jamie Rathburn says her 9-year-old son had been bullied at school for several months. She told the Greenville News in South Carolina that she had spoken with teachers and administrators and urged them to do more to protect her child. But she said the bullying continued.

Rathburn decided to confront the children about it herself. The Greenville County Sheriff’s department says Rathburn entered the elementary school without permission, yelled at a group of third graders outside of a classroom and pointed her finger at the children in a “threatening manner.” She was arrested three days later and charged with a misdemeanor for “disturbing schools.”

Rathburn has since apologized for making a scene at the school but says she remains concerned about her son’s well-being. You can read more about the incident and Rathburn’s arrest by clicking here.


THIS IS ADORABLE AND YOU HAVE TO SEE IT: Baby Elephant Takes Her First Steps

Baby elephant takes first steps (fun story) (Belgium) – BBC News – 9th June 2019Here's a fun story of the day. Here is a baby Asian elephant taking some of its first steps in the world at a Belgium zoo. A fun and heartwarming story of the day.2019-06-09T13:01:19.000Z

The Pairi Daiza zoo in Belgium welcomed a new bundle of joy to the family over the weekend! This baby elephant took her first steps and the video was shared by the BBC. She is an Asian elephant and has not been named yet. Zookeepers say she was born healthy and doing well.

Asian elephants have been on the endangered species list since 1986. According to the World Wildlife Fund, there are fewer than 50,000 Asian elephants left.

Head elephant keeper Rob Conachie at the Pairi Daiza zoo told the Brussels Times, “We’ve had a lot of luck. This is the third female out of four births here. It’s a step forward in the protection of this species.”

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