Luna Almaz, Alex Johnson’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts

Twitter Luna Almaz and her husband Alex Johnson were in their apartment the night Dutch model Ivana Smit fell to her death from their balcony.

Luna Almaz is the wife of former Kuala Lumpur-based bitcoin millionaire Alex Johnson. The couple engaged in a threesome with Dutch model Ivana Smit on the night she fell to her death from their Kuala Lumpur balcony in December 2017. Almaz and Johnson have long since admitted their relationship to Smit, but they have repeatedly denied allegations made that they murdered her. They continue to maintain their innocence in a new interview with the Daily Mail.

Per our own Paul Farrell on the 5 Fast Facts on Johnson:

Smit plunged to her death from Johnson’s high rise apartment, falling 14 stories, following a night of partying with the couple. The trio were seen out drinking in the area of Bangar, around 20 miles from Johnson’s home. Johnson, who now lives in Florida, said that his family has been subjected to a “witch hunt” because of their lifestyle. The Johnson family left Malaysia in March 2018 in the wake of the case.

Following Smit’s death in Malaysia, the Johnson’s were held in custody for two weeks and were released without charge. While blood tests showed neither Almaz nor Johnson had any drugs in their system, Smit tested positive for cocaine, alcohol and an amphetamine. Smit’s father maintains there was foul play.

Here’s what you need to know about the 32-year old Almaz.

1. The Couple Have “Enjoyed the Company of Other Women” During Their Marriage

During the interview with the Daily Mail, Almaz stated that both she and her husband had relationships with Smit prior to her death.

“Ivana was our friend and we both had relationships with her,” she said. “She came with us willingly that night. I wished I had more time to know her. I lost a friend.”

Per Crimeola, “there was an immediate attraction between Almaz and Smit,” after they met at a Halloween party in 2017.

Johnson went further to defend the couple’s lifestyle, saying that while their partying days had died down, the night of Smit’s death was a time they “dipped” their toes in it again.

“We have enjoyed the company of other women over the course of our marriage. I honestly don’t give a s*** what anybody thinks anymore. We are numb to it… We have had a year and a half of this. We have lost everything and started over again. I don’t care anymore.”

After two police inquests, reports state that selfies were sent from Smit’s phone to her boyfriend, Luka Kramer, at 7:25 a.m. on the day the model died. Police said the model died at around 10 a.m. local time. The couple maintains that they were asleep when she plunged to her death. Smit’s body was found at around 3 a.m.

Coroner Mahyon Talib, in her written judgment, said no one was involved in Smit’s death.

2. The Daily Mail Confronted Her During a Walk on a Miami Street

The Johnson’s settled in Miami after the initial charges in Malaysia. A Daily Mail reporter tracked Almaz down in a Miami street to ask her questions about Smit and the investigation.

You can hear the reporter say that he is not there to arrest her and that he is a journalist asking questions. She responds by asking the cameraman to stop recording, and that if they want to talk they can exchange business cards.

The Daily Mail reports that the couple “have been targeted on social media with death threats and an attempt to kidnap their young daughter.”

3. The Couple Have a 6-Year Old Daughter

At the time of the Johnson’s initial arrest and custody, their daughter went to stay with a nanny for the next two weeks. Luna told police she took the now 6-year old girl to school on the morning of Ivana’s death.

Another Daily Mail report shows a picture of Almaz with the young girl on the way to school, as well as another picture of Johnson playing with her.

Since the girl was born, Almaz and Johnson curtailed their wild lifestyle.

“We have had our experiences and partied with narcotics,” Johnson said. “But when our daughter was born six years ago, we pulled away from the entire nightlife scene.

“Once in a while we would dip our toe in and come out and that was one of those nights when we dipped our toes in. Prior to our daughter, we’d go out six nights a week.”

4. Almaz is a Kazakh-Born Educator

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Almaz is from Kazakhstan, and her Instagram page links to a Youtube video with the translated title “Studying in Malaysia. APU University.”

The description of the video describes the program for an institution called Lazgro University. Per Google Translate:

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With her and Johnson living no longer living in Malaysia, her involvement in the program is doubtful but unclear. She previously ran an online digital marketing, but has since dropped that, as well.

5. “Stop Defaming Us, Or We’ll Sue”

The Smit family has continued to accuse Almaz and Johnson of causing Ivana’s death. According to Free Malaysia Today, if the attacks persist, the Johnson’s will take the Smit’s to court.

In their first interview since they went underground 18 months ago following the international attention Smit’s death received, the couple said they would take the Smit family to court for defaming them unless they stop.

“The Smit family suffered an unimaginable loss with the death of Ivana. Proceedings against them are the last thing we want, but what choice do we have but to go to court if this continues? They want the whole world to attack us,” the couple said.

Almaz and Johnson are being represented by GM Tan. He is leading the charge into another legal proceeding against British private investigator named Mark Williams-Thomas, who said Smit’s death “should have been handled as a murder.”

Johnson and Almaz claimed Williams-Thomas “falsified evidence and pressured people” to give him the statements he wanted to hear so that he could allegedly use it for a TV documentary.