Racine County I-94 Semi Truck Accident Kills 2: Watch

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A photojournalist in Racine County, Wisconsin witnessed a fiery crash that left two people dead and more injured on I-94 Wednesday.

“I saw a semi trailer jump over the median,” said John Drilling of Today’s TMJ 4. “It was traveling in the opposite direction and it jumped over the median wall and hit the cars in front of me and a second later there was an explosion and everything caught on fire.”

Be forewarned that the video is disturbing.


The news station reported Drilling has been a photojournalist for 30 years.

Two semi-truck drivers were killed following the collision at I-41 and I-94.

The highway was closed across all four lanes after the crash at about 11 a.m. Central Time and remained closed into the evening.

Racine County is located in southeastern Wisconsin.

Here’s what you need to know:

Local Photojounalist Captured Footage of Fiery Crash

John Drilling, a 30-year photojournalist who works for Today’s TMJ 4, saw a semi-trailer “jump over the median” and hit cars in front of him, he told the news station. He witnessed an explosion and said “everything caught on fire.”

The crash occurred in a construction zone near County Road K in Caledonia at about 11 a.m., according to WISN 12 News.

A southbound tractor trailer made a lane change, hit a construction barrier and over-corrected, hitting a median wall, officials said in a press conference. Three cars crashed as a result of the initial crash. Those collisions caused a northbound trailer to also crash as the driver tried to avoid the cars. The trailer dropped 30 feet off the highway onto East Frontage Road. The crash is still under investigation.

“There were reports of fire. There were reports of explosions,” said Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling during a press conference.

Both of the semi truck drivers died. At least two others were injured, and were being treated at local hospitals, Schmaling said. Their conditions and names were not released.

Watch the press conference:

A witness told WISN 12 News he saw a fireball coming from a burning truck.

“I was in my room watching TV, and I heard an explosion, and I had my door open and I came and looked and saw that trailer down and saw an explosion happen,” witness Tom Gross said.

Drilling was only 100 feet from the crash, according to Today’s TMJ 4.

“I slowed down as quickly as I could, but I was shocked,” Drilling said. “It was just a shocking experience. It was horrible.”

Drivers rushed to help those involved in the crash. At least one person pulled someone from a burning car, according to local news reports.

The video shows a wall of fire after cars erupted in flames and plumes of thick, dark smoke. The flames stretch over a wide span of the interstate. A person appeared to be aiding someone, who was laid on the roadway. A semi truck plunged over the highway and onto the roadway below, where it tilted against a median.

A driver captured a Snapchat video of thick smoke billowing from the highway.

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