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Surely Miller is a Pennsylvania yoga teacher who died after being swept out to sea in the Dominican Republic, Dominican Today reported. She is the eighth American whose death was reported in recent weeks.

Miller, 42, died after she was swept out to sea Tuesday. Her body was found by a local fisherman on Wednesday.

The mother-of-three was carried about two miles from the coast in Puerta Plata by a rip current, according to local media.

Miller operated a yoga studio called Surely Yoga in Slatington and recently moved to the Dominican Republic with her partner and three sons.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Surely Miller Was Swept Out To Sea & Was Missing Until The Next Day

Another American tourist dies during Dominican vacationSix American tourists have mysteriously died in recent months at resorts in the Dominican Republic. The FBI is helping local authorities investigate. Jamie Yuccas reports. Subscribe to the "CBS Evening News" Channel HERE: Watch Full Episodes of the "CBS Evening News" HERE: Watch the latest installment of "On the Road," only on the…2019-06-11T01:44:42.000Z

Miller and her partner Karan Bindra moved to the Dominican Republican from Pennsylvania six months earlier, The Morning Call reported. Miller is originally from New York and of Dominican heritage.

On Tuesday, Miller and Bindra accompanied two other friends to Sousa beach in Puerto Plata on Tuesday.

“We were playing around having fun,” Bindra told The Morning Call. “Before we knew it we were both sucked into a current and were being swept away from the beach into a large coastline of sharp rocks.”

“The waves looked so inconspicuous, we never had an idea that we were in any danger,” he said.

Bindra said he was able to survive by “surrendering to the ocean” but Miller was caught in the rip tide and was swept away.

Bindra said he shouted for help but could only watch helplessly as Miller was carried away.

Miller’s body was found Wednesday by a local fisherman on a fishing vessel two miles from the coast where she disappeared, Dominican Today reported.

2. Miller is a Yoga Teacher With a Studio in Pennsylvania

Miller moved her yoga practice to the Dominican Republic but still owns a yoga studio in Slatington, Pennsylvania, according to her bio.

Miller taught Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow styles, according to the website.

She previously studied in New York, Miami, Orlando, Allentown, Washington D.C., Mexico and the Dominican Republic and went through intensive yoga studies in South India, according to her bio.

Her mission was to “help others to intelligently know and heal their bodies, and source their own power to heal through their practice,” the site says.

“Yoga means life and she credits it with saving her own,” her bio said. “In the chaos of life, she nearly lost herself until she reclaimed her strength through yoga.”

3. Miller’s Partner Says She ‘Impacted Thousands of People’

Bindra told The Morning Call that Miller “impacted thousands of people” as a teacher.

“She’s in my heart,” he said. “She is no longer just a person. She is love. She is everything she manifested in this world.”

Milton Carrero, a journalist and songwriter in Puerto Plata, told The Morning Call that Miller helped many people dealing with addiction and depression through her practice.

“She transformed the lives of people, not only in Slatington and New York, but all over the world,” he said.

4. Miller Moved to The Dominican Republic Six Months Ago

Miller and Bindra decided to move to the Dominican Republic six months before Miller’s death, Bindra told The Morning Call.

“The plan was to follow our heart,” he said, adding that they only had $5,000 between them for the move.

Miller, Bindra, and her children settled in Perla Marina and she quickly gained new clients for her yoga practice.

The family had celebrated Miller’s son’s 13th birthday at the beach where she died just three days earlier, Bindra said.

5. GoFundMe Launched to Raise Money For Miller’s 3 Children

A GoFundMe campaign was launched to help raise money for Miller’s three children.

“Our beloved Surely Miller passed on after a swimming accident in the Dominican Republic leaving behind her three sons, Dylan(15), Miles(11), and Preston (9),” the page says.

“Surely has blessed so many of us with her warm healing touch and the best thing we can do for her now is make sure her children are taken care of. Surely along with their father Donovan have done a wonderful job raising these boys to this point,” the page reads. “Lets give back to Surely and help in a way she no longer can by ensuring the well being of her children. Our goal is to provide financial support in whatever area they may need especially their educational and spiritual development.”

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