Tyrese Garner: Video Shows Man Attack TSA Agents at Phoenix Airport

Tyrese Garner

ABC News screengrab/Maricopa County Sheriff\'s Office Tyrese Garner caught on video attacking TSA agents

A Texas man was caught on security video attacking TSA agents at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

Surveillance video released by Phoenix’s Aviation Department shows 19-year-old Tyrese Garner rush through a body scanner machine and launch himself at TSA agents.

Garner is seen pushing one TSA agent over and then throwing punches at another TSA agent as others rush to help.

The agent ducked and Garner appears to hit another agent before a group of TSA workers tackles him to the ground.

The incident took place Tuesday at around 9:40 am, according to a police report obtained by The Arizona Republic.

Garner Was Charged With 5 Counts of Assault

The agents held Garner down until police arrived.

Police said that Garner kicked officers and writhed on the ground as they tried to arrest him.

As they escorted him from the terminal, Garner kicked a table and tried to wrestle free, police said.

Officers took him down again and waited for fire department workers to bring a gurney and strap Garner in.

Garner was charged with five counts of assault, criminal trespassing, and resisting arrest.

5 TSA Agents Were Taken for Medical Treatment

One TSA agent was taken to the hospital to be treated after the assault, KPHO reported.

Four other TSA agents were taken to an urgent care clinic to receive treatment.

Police said that Garner, who is from Lubbock, Texas, may have mental health issues in the report.

Police also said Garner may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Garner is being held on a $1,500 bond.

He is scheduled to appear in court on June 25.

According to his Facebook page, Garner attended Estacado High School in Lubbock.

TSA spokeswoman Lorie Dankers told the Arizona Republic that the terminal was closed for nearly two hours after the assault.

“We are grateful for our committed workforce and for the role they play in protecting the traveling public every day. We continue to monitor the safety and health of the TSOs involved in this incident and will cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation,” Dankers told CNN.

The TSA issued a statement calling the attack “unprovoked and brazen.”

“We are grateful for our committed workforce and for the role they play in protecting the traveling public every day,” the statement said.

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