WATCH: Inmate Grabs Taser from NYPD Officer [VIDEO]

Social media was buzzing on Sunday morning after a video circulated that showed an inmate managing to grab a taser away from a uniformed police officer. You can see the video above. It’s not clear where, exactly, the incident took place, but the officer is a member of the NYPD.

The video shows a policeman standing next to a cell. The man in the cell is leaning against the back wall; it’s not clear whether they’re talking to each other. Suddenly, the inmate lunges forward, sticks his hand through the bars of the cell, and grabs the taser right out of the front pocket in the police officer’s vest. The inmate then takes up a position at the bars with the taser in his hand pointing through the cell bars. The police officer seems to be waiting and may have called for help; it’s not clear from the video. A second, female, police officer who was on-screen at the beginning of the clip doesn’t seem to appear again.

After a few minutes, another officer comes along and beckons the first officer to follow him.

Again, it’s not clear where, exactly, the video was shot. It may have been made by security officers, since it seems to have been filmed off of a monitor of the cell. As the video plays, you can hear voices talking about what’s being shown on screen — and expressing their shock.

As the inmate grabs the taser, a woman’s voice — one of the people watching the video — exclaims, “Noooooo! He took his Taser!” “He took it right off his vest,” says a man. Later in the same video, when the second security officer comes into the screen, the watchers speculate about what they think might be happening. “He’s like ‘you, and you, get in my office,'” says a man’s voice. “Awww” says a woman’s voice.

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