Bagel Boss Guy: Best Memes & Reactions

Bagel Boss Guy Meme


A man who has been dubbed “Bagel Boss Guy” by the internet was caught on camera threatening customers during a misogynistic tirade at Bagel Boss in Bay Shore. The unidentified man was tackled and subdued by another customer who was apparently fed up by his disrespectful attitude and threats towards the other customers.

The incident was captured and posted by 18-year-old Long Island resident Diana Reyes. According to her account of the incident on Instagram, “This man walked into bagel boss this morning flipping out on a worker that was making his breakfast calling her names and claiming she had a smerk [sic] on her face when other people got involved telling him to stop being rude and sticking up for the working this is what happened,” She wrote. “He began ranting about women in the shop.”

The man was allegedly incensed when the worker at the bagel shop smirked at him, causing him to launch into a rant on his height and his terrible luck on dating websites. “You’re degrading women, why is that OK?” Reyes’ friend, Olivia Bradley, asks the man to which he responds, “Why is it okay for women to say ‘you’re five feet on dating sites, you should be dead,’ and that’s OK?”

“Women in general have said it on dating sites you think I’m making that sh*t up?” said the “Bagel Boss” “Everywhere I go I get that same f*cking smirk, with the biting lip.”

After other customers tell the man to shut up, he starts threatening them “Shut your mouth you’re not God or my father or my boss. Dude you want to step outside?” he yelled at a much larger man.

“You shut up, too…okay then attack me,” Bagel Boss guy said to another customer who told him to “shut the f*ck up.”

The customer took him up on his offer and tackled the man to the ground. He eventually let Bagel Boss guy up, who screamed at customers as he left and refused to pay for his breakfast. “You know what?! F*ck your f*cking breakfast,” he yelled at employees, adding, “You women need to stop being so f*cked up,” as he walked out the bagel shop.

The Internet Has a Field Day

Like most things that go viral, the internet has been having a lot of fun at Bagel Boss guy’s expense. Especially since he acted so obnoxiously. Most of the memes have been mocking his reaction to getting tackled.

Others took the more obvious route and mocked his main source of insecurity, his 5′ stature.

And others started making memes related to his mostly nonsensical tirade.

And a lot of people noticed that he resembled actor Joe Pesci in both his appearance and his mannerisms.

One user pointed out that Danny Devito could play the short, angry man if his story was ever turned into a movie.

Twitter user @sthmrrll is already planning out this year’s Halloween costume.

@paul_iac posted was is probably the best reaction video where he explains via Michael Cohen’s testimony how many times he’s watched the Bagel Boss video.

These are the cream of the crop but the memes just keep pouring in. Click here to take a look at all of them.

The Owner is Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Bagel Boss’ owner, Donald Rosner, has turned the viral video into a savvy marketing technique. Instead of letting the incident tarnish his store’s reputation, he is offering free mini bagels to anybody that goes to a Bagel Boss location and mentions the video. He also gave an update on the situation “After todays incident everyone is ok!” and told everybody to “Use caution on dating sites”

The tweet currently has over 629 retweets and over 3,000 likes as the video continues to grow in popularity.

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