Christy Beck Is the Woman in Sarah Beattie’s Viral Tweet

Christy Beck Heart You Viral Photo

Facebook/Christy Beck Christy Beck pictured on her Facebook page

Christy Beck is the woman pictured in a viral photo with her husband, Ryan Beck, and their triplets. The photo was featured in the Washington Post on July 10 in a story titled, “The fashion trend that won’t go away: Matching clothes for the whole family.”

The photo that accompanied the article went viral after comedy writer Sarah Beattie replied to the Post’s tweeting of the story with the comment, “that chick has huge t***.” The tweet gained massive notoriety when it was posted by the Instagram account, “White People Humor,” at the time of writing, it has close to 60,000 likes.

Beck Jokes of the Washington Post Story, ‘Oh My Goodness, Who Is This Crazy Family?’

In the story, Beck’s husband, Ryan Beck, told the Post that no matter what the family are doing, they’re usually all matching. Ryan Beck said, “We’re a pretty-synced-up family. If we’re going to the mall, we’ll all wear jeans and a green shirt or something like that.” The family then detailed that the idea of matching came from when they all dressed up as zombies for Halloween. Beck said of the Washington Post story in a Facebook post, “Oh goodness who is this crazy family ? #matchingfamily #justbecause #mamamightbealittleobsessed #heartyou.”

Beck regularly updates the world on the adventures of her matching family on their Instagram account, The Beck Triplets, which has 130,000 followers.

Beck Became Pregnant With Triplets at the Age of 42, Which Led to Their Family Becoming a National Story

The Beck Triplets – Carter NewsWe were interviewed by Carter TV and the put this little gem together. Enjoy! #miracletriplets #miraclebabies #triplets #tripletmom #pregnantwithtriplets #family #birthstory #multiplebirth #amazingbirth #tripletpregnancy #miraclepregnancy #ivf #ivfbabies #cutebabies #tripletbirth2018-09-27T23:05:19.000Z

The Beck family first became a national news story in October 2018 when various outlets picked up on the story of the birth of their triplets. In an interview with NBC 12 in Glen Allen, Virginia, where the family lives, Christy Beck told how her children were born through IVF.

Beck explained that she became pregnant at 42 after “years of infertility.” Beck said, “We knew we wanted children together and, you know, I’m no spring chicken. After a year of trying naturally, we sought help from a fertility specialist… We were thinking we weren’t meant to be parents, although we so desperately wanted to be.”

Christy & Ryan Were Advised to Abort One of Their Children But Both Said ‘No Way’

Mom Has Healthy Triplets After Doctor Recommends Aborting 1 to Save the OthersAfter years of failed attempts with fertility treatments, Christy and Ryan Beck feared they'd never be parents. After learning they were pregnant with triplets, a doctor advised Christy to abort one. The couple believed they were given a third baby for a reason, so they decided to proceed with the pregnancy. At 32 weeks, Christy…2018-09-28T19:52:28.000Z

It took Beck and her husband two IVF tries at $30,000 each time for her to become pregnant. They told NBC 12 that after finding out Beck was pregnant, they learned she was having twins and then after another visit, a doctor told them, “There is a third baby hiding.”

Beck was pregnant with a set of identical twins, Cali and Elli, as well as son, Rocky. During the pregnancy, Beck said doctors advised her to abort one of the twins in order to ensure the survival of the other two. Beck told the station, “We literally looked at each other and were like no way.” In the interview, Beck said that the total medical costs for the pregnancy and the care needed afterward amounted to $200,000.

Beck Has Said That Being a Mother to Triplets is ‘Such a Blessing’

Beck told Children of the Tribe in a September 2018 interview that being the mother of triplets is “such a blessing.” Beck explained that her son, Rocky, is the older brother to his twin sisters, Elli and Cali. Beck said Cali is the “wild child” while Elli is “sweet and happy go lucky.” Beck said that she grew up by Virginia Beach and now lives in Richmond.

The interview concludes with Beck saying, “I’m looking forward to seeing them grow. I can’t wait to create memories with them on holidays and vacations. I can’t wait to see what their personalities will be like and if my identical girls will try to play tricks on me and my husband… I’m just looking forward to a future of good times with our new family.”

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