Erica Cole: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Erica Cole: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cullman County Sheriff\'s Department Erica Cole's mugshot

What started off as a road rage incident ended with a husband getting shot in the head by his own wife.

Alabama woman, Erica Cole, 31, accidentally shot her husband, Nicholas Cole, in the head after she pulled a gun in the midst of a road rage incident Saturday at about 6:45 PM.

According to the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, the incident started on Highway 69 in Dodge City, Alabama, per CNN.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Erica Cole Attempted to Shoot a Second Party

The road rage episode which landed Cole’s husband in the hospital started on Highway 69, and according to the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office ended on County Road 160 in a home in Bremen, Alabama.

“During the incident, an altercation occurred in which, the offender, Erica Cole, attempted to shoot a second party but shot her husband, Nicholas Cole, striking him in the head,” Cullman County Deputy Brad Williams told CNN.

2. Nicholas Cole Is in Stable Condition

Although Nicholas Cole got shot in the head, he is in stable condition according to

He is recovering to the ICU at UAB Hospital and has remained there since the incident, per CNN.

3. Erica Cole Was Arrested on Variety of Charges

Erica Cole is now in deep water after accidentally shooting her husband in the head.

She was arrested and charged with attempted murder, second-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

Her bail has been set at $30,000, and she is currently being held at the Cullman County Detention Center.

4. Nicholas Cole’s Posts on Facebook Show How Much He Cared for His Wife

Nicholas Cole was not shy about sharing the love he felt for his wife. On Facebook one of his final posts since the incident were pictures of the two together on a hiking trip with other friends and family.

He also confessed his love for his wife in another recent post on June 14.

“To my beautiful wife I love you with all my heart and you are the best part of my life and you keep me down when thing [sic] are hard,” the post states.

Erica responded with a love message of her own.

“I love you nicholas j cole [sic] we hold each other down,” her comment states, responding to her husband’s initial post.

On Erica’s Facebook page, her love for her husband is also displayed as her profile picture features the two together surrounded by a heart filter.

5. Facebook Users Are Using Nicholas’ Account to Spread Conspiracy Theories about the Accident

Although the investigation is still ongoing, per Cullman County Sherrif Matt Gentry, Facebook users are using Nicholas’ account to spread baseless theories about the shooting.

On Nicholas’ latest post, where he tries to recruit Facebook users to join him on the online game “Mafia City,” one Facebook user claims that the shooting was a setup.

“It’s Alabama and probably a setup to murder her husband. Cops should find out if the wife and the other alleged road rager knew each other before this and hatched a plan to snuff the husband,” the commenter stated.

Erica Cole: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Comments on Nicholas Cole’s Facebook page

Another user replying to the initial comment sharing the conspiracy theory said he reported the initial comment.

“…since this person is in ICU recovering from a gunshot wound to the head, I reported your post to FB. Hopefully, they will have some tact and delete ALL these posts and while this man recovers. Keep that detective work in your head, dummy,” the comment stated.


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