Isaiah Foster: Airline Employee’s Tarmac Dance Goes Viral

Twitter/@jeezusmaryandjo Isaiah Foster

Isaiah Foster, an American Airlines employee, is brightening everyone’s day by sharing his own joy through dance! Foster was recently recorded dancing his heart away on the tarmac at the Nashville International Airport.

A passenger who had just settled into her seat, Suzanne Durham, noticed Foster dancing from her window. She told ABC News that she saw him practicing his moves alongside a luggage cart before briefly disappearing from view. When he re-emerged, Durham says she had her cellphone ready to go.

Durham posted the video to Twitter on July 24, 2019, with the comment, “Whoever you are…THANK YOU! This @AmericanAir guy is living his #bestlife!” It has been seen more than 90,000 times and continues to rack up more views.

*Note: American Airlines initially spelled Foster’s first name “Isiah” in emails with Heavy. The company has since corrected the spelling to “Isaiah.”

Here’s what you need to know.

Isaiah Foster Has Been Working For American Airlines Since 2016

Airline employee goes viral with tarmac dance movesAn airline passenger in Nashville spotted the dancing worker out of her window and tweeted, "This guy is living his best life!" READ MORE:

Heavy reached out to American Airlines to request an interview with Isaiah Foster. The airline’s media relations department responded that they were “not going to be able to facilitate an interview.”

But the airline confirmed that Foster has been working with the company since 2016. He is a crew chief at the Nashville International Airport.

American Airlines describes Foster as a “knowledgeable employee located in Nashville” who is beloved by everyone who works with him. His manager praised him to the company as “a very happy guy – one of the best on the team!”

The airline’s official statement about Foster following the dancing video further praised him: “Crew Chief Isiah Foster proving that when you love what you do, you can dance on the fly.”

Isaiah Foster Thanked the Passenger for Capturing the Moment

Isaiah Foster joined Twitter in the midst of all the attention around his dancing abilities! He created an account on July 26 and responded to Suzanne Durham’s initial tweet.

Foster wrote, “Hey thanks for catching me in the moment had to make a Twitter. Thanks for flying with AA????#AmericanAirlines”

In his bio, Foster described himself as “quiet yet energetic.”

Isaiah Foster Was Dancing Along to a Khalid Song the Tarmac

Suzanne Durham, who was identified by ABC News as a music producer in Nashville, posted the video of Isaiah Foster dancing to the Whitney Houston classic, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

We asked Foster what he was actually jamming out to via Twitter. Foster responded that while he was being recorded, he was dancing to “Better” by Khalid.

In an email to Heavy, American Airlines added that Foster “usually dances to his own music.”

Considering how loud it can get on a runway, it’s no surprise that Foster takes the extra step to block out the noise! According to Purdue University, the sound of a jet taking off is loud enough to cause serious hearing damage, depending on how close the person is to the aircraft.

Isaiah Foster’s Dancing Prompted Dozens of Happy Responses on Social Media

The responses to Isaiah Foster’s dancing were primarily positive. There were some who speculated that Foster had extra time because of potential flight delays, but most of the social media commenters expressed delight at his impromptu performance.


@texasauntie10 wrote, “Suzanne, Thank you for posting this. It just brightened my day and I’ll likely think back to it whenever I hear this song in the future.”

@LisaKelley1 urged Foster to keep on going, writing “Dance like no one is watching.”

Some commenters speculated as to whether Foster could actually get in trouble after the video was shared. @OhBotswana wrote “You’re going to get him fired” and @Sherrysherry1 added “Love watching this! Hoping he doesn’t get in trouble for it.”

However, considering the official response from American Airlines, it would appear that Foster is allowed to jam out to his music and keep on dancing on the tarmac whenever the mood strikes!

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