Jung Soon Wypcha: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jung Soon Wypcha

PCSO / ISP Jung Soon Wypcha, 66, is accused of using body fluids to contaminate a neighboring businesses ice cream.

With nauseating and criminal antics, some people appear to be ruining a summertime staple: ice cream.

Jung Soon Wypcha was charged in St. Petersburg, Florida after she was caught on camera using the bathroom, forgoing hand washing and then sticking her fingers in ice cream, spitting into ice cream, pouring her urine into an ice cream machine and in another video, was seen picking her nose and depositing its contents inside containers of the frozen confections, according to an arrest warrant obtained by Heavy.

Last week, police finally tracked down the Blue Bell ice cream licker after a viral video showed a 17-year-old girl open a container of ice cream, sweep her tongue across the top and then replace the lid and the ice cream inside a Walmart freezer. The case has been turned over to the Texas juvenile judicial system for prosecution. In that case, it appears it was just a disgusting, albeit felonious, prank.

In the case of Wypcha, something more is going on. The 66-year-old apparently owns a market next to an ice cream shop and the two businesses share a common bathroom and ice cream shop owners think she may have been jealous of their success. Now she is facing felony charges.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. LuLu’s Ice Cream Shop Abuts Wypcha’s Food Mart & They Share a Bathroom & Common Storage Area, Where Police Say the Stomach-Churning Tampering Occurred

Indian Shores Police say the incidents occurred at Lu Lu’s Ice Cream shop at 19823 Gulf Blvd. in Indian Shores. The plaza is also home to the adjoining Indian Shores Food Mart owned by Wypcha.

Police say that beginning on June 17, Wypcha was caught on surveillance camera “using the bathroom with the door wide open on five separate occasions; does not wash her hands, then walks over to the freezer where the organic ice cream is stored, opens the freezer and puts her hands into the ice cream containers.”

But the tampering with the shop’s ice cream did not end there.

On another occasion, the camera captured “her picking her nose then sticks her hands in the ice cream.”

In another, she opens the freezer door and spits “into the ice cream containers.”

The worst is when she urinates inside a bucket used to churn the homemade ice cream.

2. Police Say Wypcha Was Caught on Camera Urinating Into a Container Used to Churn Ice Cream

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Police say on June 22, Wypcha enters the backroom to use the bathroom, and what they say she does next is shocking:

“She sees the lock and tries to open the door. When she cannot get the door open, she uses one of Lulu’s ice cream buckets which are used to churn their homemade ice cream and urinates in it. She then empties the bucket in the sink marked ‘rinse.’ This sink is used for the purpose of washing the ice cream-folding utensils and mixing bowls,” the arrest affidavit reads.

There are numerous other incidences of Wypcha being caught on camera, with her hands in the ice cream containers. In one incident, she’s “seen opening the freezer and removing lid to one of the ice cream containers her hand movements are concealed by the freezer door, then leaves the room.”

Police don’t know what she may have done in that case.

3. LuLu’s Had to Chuck $2000 Worth of ‘Contaminated’ Ice Cream/h2>

Police say Wypcha’s alleged actions caused the business to close and $2,000 worth of product destroyed to ensure public safety. Police say that her actions were done “willfully and maliciously (to) injure or damage the real or personal property of another,” in the amount of around $2,000 worth of contaminated ice cream, and as a consequence, an interruption of their business.

Owners Paul and Beth Chiulli told local media their hearts were broken over the egregious, and disgusting, tampering. And they worried about the impact to their business. They said they think Wypcha may have been jealous over the shop’s growing popularity and related parking space shortages as a result.

“We didn’t even know she was mad. But I’m guessing it’s from the parking and us being popular.”

4. Wypcha Was Charged With Felony Criminal Mischief & Felony Product Tampering

According to online court, jail and police records, Wypcha was charged with one count of tampering, a first degree felony and two counts of criminal mischief, a third-degree felony. She was charged by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. Wypcha posted $55,000 bond and walked out of jail.

She has pleaded not guilty.

According to court records, her lawyer Kyle D. Bass filed a “discovery” demand for the surveillance camera recordings.

5. Recent Incidents Involving People Allegedly Tampering With Ice Cream Products Have Resulted in Criminal Charges. And Copycats

Ugh. More than 15 million and counting saw the video where a teen opens a container of Blue Bell ice cream and, seemingly egged on by her boyfriend, proceeds to run her tongue across it before closing the lid and placing it back in the Lufkin, Texas Walmart freezer. It turns out, she is a juvenile and under Texas law, will not be officially named.

Then came the copycats. And people are up to here with it. Ice cream is canceled for summer, some say.

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