Your Must-See News Headlines for Today, July 28


Sorry, you didn’t really win $100. If you get a text from Amazon congratulating you for winning a prize, don’t click on the link! More details on this latest scam below.

Pokemon Go gamers expressed disappointment over a midnight countdown that failed to reveal what the “big reveal” was. Read on to see what’s going on with the game today.

And an Arkansas mother made headlines when she bought every single shoe in the store! Check out what she’s planning to do with all of them below.

Here’s what you need to know in the daily roundup.

TOP STORY: ‘Amazon Prime Alexa Weekend’ is a Scam


Don’t fall for this latest hoax sent to your phone. Heavy has confirmed that a text that appears to come from Amazon, congratulating you for winning $100 as part of an “Alexa Day” or “Alexa Weekend” prize from Amazon Prime, is completely fake.

The text instructs you to click on a link to complete a survey in order to claim the prize. Do not click on it and do not respond to the text. reporter Stephanie Dube Dwilson received two of the scam texts. She confirmed with Amazon that the ‘Alexa Weekend’ prize is fake. The company also reiterated that Amazon never sends text messages to customers, so if you ever receive a text in the future claiming to be from Amazon, don’t fall for it. For more details, check out Stephanie’s story here.

WHAT’S BUZZING THAT HAS EVERYONE TALKING: Jessica Alba’s Twitter Account Was Hacked

GettyJessica Alba

Social media was buzzing overnight over a nasty variety of messages sent out from Jessica Alba’s Twitter account. The actress and business owner, whose account is verified, was hacked.

The culprit decided to send out racist and homophobic slurs to Alba’s more than 9 million followers, as well as posts praising Hitler. The hacker also posted tweets in support of rapper YNW Melly, who is currently behind bars on murder charges.

Fans quickly began sending messages to Alba to alert her that she had been hacked. The vile messages remained visible for several hours. But as of 8:30 a.m. ET, the hacked tweets have been deleted and Alba’s account appears to be secure once again.

OFF-BEAT: Gamers Disappointed by Lackluster Pokemon Go Team Rocket Announcement

Many Pokemon Go players were disappointed overnight as they waited for a “big reveal” from the game that never happened. Pokemon Go’s official YouTube page had a countdown that ended at 12 a.m. ET July 28, promising news. But the live stream simply ended, prompting frustrated reactions on social media.

Pokemon Go did share on its Twitter account that the “big reveal” was to announce a gaming event happening today. Between 4 and 5 p.m. local time today, all Pokestops will be taken over by Team Rocket for one hour.

If you’re participating in the game today, you can expect to encounter a Team GO Rocket Pokestop during that allotted hour and be challenged. If you win, you can catch a Shadow Pokemon that you’ll need to purify before you can trade it. Click here for more on what to expect from the game.


  • The heat and high humidity levels return to close out July, as well as an increased risk of thunderstorms.
  • Tropical Storm Erick is expected to strengthen into a hurricane by tomorrow and could affect Hawaii later this week.
  • British stuntman Joe Watts, who was injured while filming a scene for the upcoming Fast & Furious 9, is reportedly fighting for his life.
  • The merger of T-Mobile & Sprint is underway. Here’s what to expect in terms of wireless coverage.
  • A cruise passenger took offense when someone else dressed as a clown, and the confrontation sparked a massive brawl.

CHECK THIS OUT: A Mother Buys All of the Shoes at Payless to Donate Them

Arkansas mother Carrie Jernigan says she went on a shopping trip to Payless to get her own child a new pair of shoes. But she ended up buying shoes for the entire community as well.

Jernigan told NBC News that her daughter asked if they could buy her friend a pair of shoes with the “Avengers” logo on it. She had noticed that her friend was wearing shoes that were too small for him. But she didn’t know her friend’s shoe size.

This gave Jernigan an idea. She ended up buying all 1,500 pairs of shoes in the store. Jernigan is teaming up with other community members to donate the shoes to those in need.

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