Spelling Coconut Meme Instructs Women to Spell Out ‘Coconut’ With Their Hips

Spelling coconut meme

Getty President Barack Obama sipping on a coconut during a trip to Laos in September 2016.

The spelling coconut meme has become a viral sensation. The meme suggests that during sex, the person on top spells out the word “coconut” with their hips to increase pleasure for both partners.

The Meme Originated in February 2019

Spell coconut meme


According to Know Your Meme, the message first appeared in February 2019 and was the work of South African based musician Daniel Marven:

The Spell Coconut Meme Spread Again in July 2019 Thanks to a Kenyan Facebook Group

The Kenyan Post reported on July 11 that the meme and its message had become a discussed topic on the Facebook group, Kilimani Mums Udaku Zone?KMUZ. The Kenyan Post article reads, “Write the word coconut with your waist – Kenyan LADIES discuss how to ride a man during sex and it’s interesting.”

The private page is a Kenyan based discussion group for women. The Post said that one of the discussion topics in July 2019 was how to “ride men during sex.” Know Your Meme notes that this discussion topic likely contributed to the meme spreading in July 2019. While Daily Active, another Kenyan publication, put out a handy step-by-step guide on how to spell coconut when on top of your partner.

Since then, other versions of the meme have appeared online:

This Isn’t the First Time that Coconuts Have Featured in Viral Sex Stories

This isn’t the first time that a coconut has been used in a viral sex story. In 2017, a Reddit user named Coconutthrowaway69 became a sensation after he posted a story in the “Today I F***ed Up” Thread about how he used a coconut as a masturbatory tool for weeks. This action, according to Coconutthrowaway69, resulted in the fruit becoming covered in flies and maggots. In the world of the internet, the action of having sex with a coconut is known as “Coconutting,” via Urban Dictionary.

In a more practical sexual sense, coconut oil is also now used by many as a sexual lubrication. Health.com has endorsed coconut oil as being safe to use during sex.

‘Coconut’ Isn’t the Only Way to Have a Good Time When You’re on Top

How To Ride Basic Movements Part 2Please Share this video and spread the technique! Glamazon Tyomi teaches basics of how to ride in cowgirl position. Woman on top positions can be very uncomfortable for many2015-10-01T21:24:04.000Z

A Cosmopolitan article from August 2017 detailed the five tips for women to ensure everyone has a good time when the woman is on top. One of those was for the woman to assert herself on top during foreplay. The second was to make sure you are comfortable and then trying to move “your hips in a steady circular motion.” When the magazine asked a group of men in 2014 why they liked for a woman to be on top, half of them said it was all about the movement of her hips.

The next was to ensure that the woman isn’t doing all of the work. After that, you are instructed to get handsy and the final one was to “Get Buzzy” by bringing a vibrator into the mix.

While on the subject of why it’s such a turn-on for a woman to be on top, sex therapist Aline Zoldbrod told Health Magazine, “You get a visceral and symbolic sense of control when you’re not underneath the man.”

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