Woodbine Shopping Centre: Shooting Reported During Toronto Music Festival

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Toronto Police are investigating a report of a shooting during Sandz Toronto Caribbean Music Festival at Woodbine Shopping Center in Rexdale Sunday night.

One person was injured, but that person had not been shot, according to Toronto Police.

Police wrote on Twitter,

Woodbine Shopping Centre
-Man injured in altercation
-Reports of gunfire
-Evidence of gunfire located
-No reports of injury from gunfire
-Officers are investigating”

Police told Toronto City News the gunshots happened during a fight in the parking lot. Police located shell casings.

Andrew Collins, a local journalist, wrote at least 10 patients were assessed on the scene by Toronto EMS. He said several people were trampled during the confusion.

Toronto Police wrote at 7:17 p.m. EST a “fight has erupted” and someone was “struck by an object.” Police added they were already on the scene.

The tweet said,

Woodbine Shopping Centre
-Large outdoor event
-Music festival
-Fight has erupted
-Someone has been struck by an object
-Police already o/s
-Multiple sounds of gunshots in parking lot
-Reports of someone shot

Collins shared a photo saying there were “multiple patients.”

This post will be updated as new information becomes available.

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