Beto O’Rourke Responds to Walmart Shooting in El Paso

Beto Walmart Shooting

Getty Beto O'Rourke

Beto O’Rourke has left his prison tour after the Walmart shooting in El Paso, according to his Twitter account.

Beto is coming back to tend to the community after a deadly mass shooting that claimed the lives of 20 people. In a video he posted, O’Rourke addressed the situation. The politician said he was en route from Las Vegas, where he canceled an upcoming visit to California’s San Quentin State Prison to return to his native El Paso.

“Hi everybody, I’m in the airport here in Las Vegas headed back to El Paso and I want everyone in our community to know that I am thinking about you, I’m with you, I’m coming back to be with you,” O’Rourke said in the video.

Here’s what you need to know:

Beto Was Born and Raised in El Paso, Texas

According to his website, Beto O’Rourke was born at the Hotel Dieu Hospital in El Paso, Texas, the largest binational community in the Western Hemisphere.

O’Rourke commented on the strength of the community, hoping that everyone can come together to support first responders, families of the victims, and everyone else struggling during this time.

“I also know that El Paso is one of the strongest places anywhere in the world and if there were ever a moment for us to be strong it is this one,” O’Rourke said. “Strong for one another, strong for those families who lost somebody, strong in our gratitude to the El Paso Police Department, the first responders, everybody who was on the scene and who is still on the scene right now.”

Beto Let People Know How to Help the El Paso Community

O’Rourke also gave instructions for people in the community to reconnect with loved ones. The Reunification Center for Families is located in MacArthur Middle School at 8101 Whitus Drive in El Paso. There are also locations designated for blood donation. Donors can go to 1338 North Zaragoza Road or 424 South Mesa Hills Drive.

O’Rourke also gave information to those who would like to help the situation but are not in the El Paso community.

“For those who want to be helpful who aren’t in El Paso, the El Paso Community Foundation has set up a fund for victims,” O’Rourke said. “You can go to We’ve gotten so many calls and messages. I know folks are thinking about us right now.”

Beto Was Devestated When He Recieved the News

“I am devastated by what has happened in El Paso today,” O’Rourke said in a tweet. “Our strength is with the families who are grieving. Our thanks to EPPD. Our commitment is with those who will change this country so that this doesn’t happen again. This beautiful amazing courageous community will overcome.”

The Democratic congressman talked about his own reaction to the news in his video, however, he had a hard time finding words to describe how he felt.

“This is not something that I can even fully believe has happened,” O’Rourke said. “But I want to do everything I can and I know everyone wants to do everything that they can at this moment to make sure that everyone is okay and that our community is okay.”

According to his website, Beto’s mother, Melissa, was a local small business owner and his father, Pat, was a county judge. They raised Beto in El Paso as a fourth-generation Texan. He worked at his mother’s furniture store and attended local public schools.

After college, Beto went on to become one of the youngest members ever on the El Paso City Council, his bio says. Shortly thereafter, he married his wife Amy and the two had three children. The children now attend the same public schools that their father when he was a kid.